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Paid Advertising For Fashion CompaniesCompare Quotes On PPC Marketing For UK Fashion Brands

PPC advertising for fashion companies is essential in the world of online retail.  

Competing against low cost retailers like Amazon, getting your website seen is essential.  

Just fill in the form to talk with a PPC agency that knows about the fashion and clothing industry.

Do Fashion Companies Need To Use Paid Advertising

Paid advertising (PPC) is something that almost all fashion labels do for one very key reason, there are only so many spaces on page 1 of web searches. 

Bearing in mind most people do not stray past page 1 of a web search, if your website is not appearing, then your competitors will get the traffic.  

PPC for fashion companies is essential these days. For you, there are normally hundreds or even thousands of search phrases and keywords that need to be targeted. 

For this reason, SEO to get onto page 1 for so many search phrases is impossible; therefore the only option is paying for the privilege

This can be a very targeted and cost effective way to generate relevant visitors to a fashion website.

Choosing A Company

You face the problem that there are thousands of agencies in the UK to choose from.  Many of which boast ‘award winning service’ and ‘google Adwords approved’ qualifications.  Not to mention the many companies in India, USA offering UK companies cheap paid advertising services.

It is wise to select a company that has experience of the fashion marketing world, one that has done this work in the past (or better still, currently).

There are hundreds of pay per click companies around the UK, it is only logical to use one that knows the retail industry.  Chances are they will produce better results than someone with no prior experience in fashion.

Compare Prices On PPC Advertising For Fashion Companies

All charge different monthly PPC prices, as there are no industry standards or set rates, there is the need to shop around and compare prices.

The advice would be to find 3-4 PPC companies with experience in the clothing industry and see what their charges are. 

Some charge a monthly retainer fee, some charge a percentage of google adwords spend.

Finding someone that can get results is the name of the game, so maybe chatting to some of their current industry clients and see how they are perfuming. 

It is pointless paying for a company that has industry experience but cannot produce you results.

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