Website Design For Fashion Companies

Website Design For Fashion Companies

Compare Quotes On Web Design For Your Fashion Brand

Website design for fashion companies is very important, as the website has to reflect your brand.  As the fashion sector is so unforgiving, getting it right from the start is essential.

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Do You Need A Great Site?

Yes is the simple answer.  

The industry has gradually moved more and more onto the internet, as on-line sales have increased over the last decade. 

For this reason, many clothing companies have seen a larger proportion of their business becoming web-based.  By customers visiting their websites, and making purchases to be delivered, rather than spending their ever-valuable time browsing through their shops.

In particular, Christmas has seen more people opting to do much of their shopping on-line, rather than the traditional Christmas rush around busy shops and shopping centres.

The look and layout is very important when it comes to visitors deciding to stay on your site to browse, or to go somewhere else, that is a competitor’s website.

Features Of Your Site

Web design for fashion brands  needs to reflect your label.  

If it is a designer brand like Gucci, then the branding needs to look clean, modern and up to date with the latest industry information, technology and web trends.  If the site is a retail or high street fashion like New Look, then just being basic and simple to navigate would be fine.

When doing website design for fashion companies, it needs to reflect the brand.  Any TV advertising that is done, any magazine advertising; all need to be drawn together on the website. They need to be:

  • Stylish – all clothing companies, whether high street or designer, need to have style, which has to be reflected in the website.
  • Simple – they all should be simple to navigate, with hundreds or thousands of products, they need to be logical and accessible to all levels of internet users.
  • Brand – the site must portray the brand of your company.
  • Quality – It can look cheap, and fashion is about paying that little bit more for quality.  You need to have the quality that your brand reflects.

Consider also using videos on your website, as videos are great for SEO but also to get more attention to your fashion brand.

Choosing An Expert

From the many tens of thousands of agencies around the UK, it makes good sense choosing a web designer who has experience and knowledge of the fashion industry, one that knows about fashion marketing, and has already done work in the past.

There are a few agencies that focus on working with fashion labels.  There are others that have designed websites for clothing companies, as part of a general mix of websites for various clients in the past.

Selecting someone with industry experience may seem logical, but it is also wise.  As they should have a better idea of what designs will work, what designs produces results, and the kind of concepts to use on the website.

We have put together some helpful tips for fashion brands to succeed online.  Hopefully you will find these useful.

Meet Up With An Agency

No matter where a you are located in the UK, choosing a local designer is always better, as a meeting can be arranged without too much trouble.  A meeting gives the chance to come to know them, meet their team, and also ensure that they are what they claim to be on their website.  

Hopefully they are not just using a virtual office and working from their parents’ house.  There is loyalty in working with someone local.  Web design for fashion needs that loyalty.

Compare Web Design Prices

All agencies are independent companies.  All with different skill levels and levels of experience; all set their own rates and charge different website design prices.

Shopping around for quotes is no different to comparing clothing prices in different shops, or insurance prices.  Web design for fashion labels needs to be compared in the same way.

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