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Advertising for fashion companies is becoming more and more intense as new fashion brands come onto the UK market.  

Online fashion companies like ASOS are cropping up all the time as the fashion industry continues to grow and evolve.

High street fashion companies like Zara seem to be shrinking as the high street continues to shrink.

Well established fashion brands such as Prada and Gucci use high end advertising companies to produce complex campaigns.

The difficulty however is finding the right advertising agency, as there are thousands around the UK.  

We always advise that you choose an agency that has experience of doing advertising for fashion companies.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local advertising companies that know about advertising in the fashion industry.

Benefits Of Advertising For Fashion Brands

Here are the top advantages of investing in fashion brand ads:

  • Brand Visibility- Fashion advertising campaigns increase the visibility of a brand, making it known to a broader audience. This is crucial in a competitive market where new brands are emerging regularly. 
  • Consumer Engagement- Creative and well-executed fashion ads capture the attention of consumers and encourage engagement. Social media platforms, in particular, provide an avenue for direct interaction and feedback. 
  • Promotion of New Collections and Products – Fashion adverts are an effective way to introduce and promote new collections or specific products. This keeps the brand fresh and relevant in the eyes of consumers. 
  • Storytelling and Connection – Many of the best fashion advertisement campaigns incorporate storytelling, creating an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. 

Do You Need Advertising Support?

Fashion companies are probably the main businesses in the UK that would use advertising mediums.

Advertising is essential for you in order to ensure that your brand is the one that is brought to mind.  

Creating both brand awareness and acting as a lead generation tool.  Whether you are a leading fashion label such as Gucci, Jimmy Choo or Louis Vuitton or a new fashion label just starting.  The retail industry (particularly high end fashion) appears to be growing according to government statistics.

Advertising for fashion companies is essential if you want to see your brand at the centre of the fashion world.  There are various different advertising mediums available:

Magazine Advertising

Magazines are one of the main mediums that the sector will use to promote themselves. Magazines are a very good way to create brand awareness and get people seeing your products. 

Although magazines are not targeted, the age/sex of people reading them can be estimated, making the promotion fairly well targeted.  

Why?   The reason is because most fashion is targeted at women.   Naturally as women read magazines, they are a good place to be seen.


Fashion brands do find that the TV is a very good route for brand exposure.  Everyone that watches TV would use your products, and (like magazine spreads) is very targeted. 

TV advertising is a lot more expensive than magazine promotion, however the exposure is considerably more (for those that watch the adverts and do not channel flick).  Advertising for fashion brands main medium is TV.


Many fashion brands have dipped into sponsorship marketing.  Which for things such as sports, are great for getting your name and brand across to prospective customers.


Billboard advertising is a very well established medium and for fashion, still provides good brand exposure.

Promotion on the sides of buses, taxis, bus stops would also come under billboard marketing and also is popular with clothing labels.  

A popular form of billboard promotion is the London tube networks.

Social Media & Viral

Social media advertising (such as Facebook) is relatively new and is used by fashion companies.  

Again it is good brand exposure and most of the people that will see the adverts will be potential customers.

This is one of the most powerful form of advertising for fashion brands.

Tik Tok is the new platform for fashion companies to jump onto that almost all of them are now using.  Video advertising is a very powerful form of advertising for all fashion brands, high end or budget.

Internet Advertising

Since most people that are interested in fashion brands use the internet these days, advertising online has become essential for fashion brands.  Using paid advertising on search engines and partner websites is very important both for brand marketing and direct selling.

Finding An Advertising Agency

There are advertising agencies in the UK that work specifically with the industry and can handle all the various mediums above.  

Choosing an ad agency that has fashion marketing experience and works in the industry is very wise (as opposed to one that has no experience of the sector).  

There are many agencies that have experience and have managed campaigns for fashion businesses.  

We do advise shopping around for quotes.  All agencies set their own fees, which can vary considerably.  As such, advertising costs can vary considerably. Advertising for fashion brands can be very expensive, especially if you do not compare quotes.

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