PR For Fragrances

PR For Fragrances

Public Relations For Fragrance And Perfume Brands

PR for fragrances and perfumes is so important, partly because the sector is growing, partly for your brand.  

The issue is finding a suitable media company, as there are hundreds around the UK all with different sector experience.  We always advice choosing an agency that has experience in doing PR for fragrance companies.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from5 local PR companies that know about the perfume sector.

The Perfume Sector In The UK

The fragrance and perfume market in the UK has always been a strong one, and one with a growing competitive market.

The industry is dominated by the top brands, perfumes that have been going for decades, indeed some for over a century, and are regularly bringing out new fragrance products onto the market. Some of the leading scents would feature:

  • Hugo Boss
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Christian Dior
  • DKNY
  • Emporio Armani

The most powerful marketing message that a fragrance can send, is of course the scent itself.  Smell is a powerful human sense, so the strength of a brand is how good the smell of it is, and what responses and memories it prompts.

Perfume Marketing

Many celebrities have brought out their own fragrances in a bid to capture a segment of this massive industry.  Marketing for fragrance companies is essential in order to compete on the global perfume market.  

Perfume companies use a diverse variety of marketing, such as TV advertising, leaflets and billboards; however the centre of many of the marketing campaigns is a strong public relations campaign.  PR for fragrance companies is another powerful marketing tool that needs to be used.

Media For The Industry

Considering many of the top perfumes, all have media campaigns running, to boost their brand awareness, and expand the reach of their media message.  Many will use perfume experienced agencies that know how to position them in the industry media.

Most of the top brands have their own media teams internally and would handle the various campaigns themselves. 

However, some would use external PR agencies, if only as a sounding board to seek fresh opinions and approaches.  For new brands, such as those linked to celebrities breaking into the sector, there are many PR companies that have a strong background in the market, and would be very suitable to handle the media as they introduce themselves into this competitive market.

Compare Multiple Prices

PR prices do vary considerably.  It is wise to shop around to find the best public relations agency at the best price.  As a price comparison website we want to help you find that partner.  PR for perfume companies does not have to be expensive, but does need to be used.

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