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SEO for electronics companies is essential, as the electronics industry continues to grow nationally and globally.  

Optimisation is all about getting more natural visitors to your website (as opposed to via paid media such as PPC or social media).  

This is tricky as search engines evolve and look for new things.  A websites speed now plays a bigger roll than it did before as is a website being mobile friendly.  

Even if very few people use a website on a mobile, the rule is there, all websites have to be mobile friendly.

Social media is also more of a factor now than it was in 2010.  Search engines do now take social media into account when they rank a website.

 So all companies need to have a social media footprint of sorts.  Choosing a social media platform that suits you is wise, as they are all slightly different.  You do not have to be on them all, but one or two is advisable.

Finding the right search company is difficult, as there are hundreds of optimisation companies to choose from.  

We encourage you to use an agency that is experienced in SEO for electronics companies.  If they know the electronics sector, your clients, competitors, they will be right for you.  Another consideration to go hand in hand with SEO is paid advertising.  

PPC for electronics companies is a quick way to increase traffic (as SEO does take time).

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UK Electronics Sector

The internet is very large, a market place with billions of websites, resources, blogs and forums. All need to be categorised and placed in a long list by search engines.  This is called ‘web indexing’.

This answers what is SEO, a way of showing search engines that your website should be closer to the top of the search terms that you want to be found for.

Electronics companies face the difficulty that there are so many other electronics companies to compete with.  Resource sites, job hunting and recruitment websites all competing, that being found is hard, unless search work is performed.

Optimisation is all about showing search engines that your website is relevant.  The way this is done is by getting backlinks for similar (or more reputable) websites in the electronics sector.

Choosing An Expert With Electronics Experience

There are thousands of optimisation companies around the UK and globally that are offering cheap SEO work with guaranteed satisfaction.

Choosing an expert does need to be done with one thing in mind.  Do they know anything about the electronics industry?

From the many search companies around the UK, selecting one that has electronics marketing experience is wise.  Someone that knows the electronics industry and has clients they currently do SEO for in the electronics industry.

By looking through the agencies portfolio, this should give a feel for the kind of clients that they have worked with.  Another option is to ask to talk to a few of the clients they are working with.  Ask the clients if the SEO works and if it is value for money.  There are lots of SEO companies around the UK that make promises, but fail to deliver.

Another safeguard is to ask to meet up.  Many agencies make claims on their websites that are embellished.  

By meeting the agency, you can ensure that they are what they claim. 

What are their offices like?  
What is the search team like?
Do they appear to be trustworthy?  

Just because they have a ‘google approved‘ badge does not mean they can generate you the best results.

Compare SEO Prices

All search companies set their own fees, there are very cheap search companies and very expensive ones.  Paying more for optimisation does not guarantee the job will be done, neither does getting the cheapest company to do it.  We can help you compare SEO prices.

It is wise to shop around and compare a few quotes from electronics experienced SEO companies to avoid overpaying and to get the best value for money.  Like any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best optimisation agency, for the lowest price.

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