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SEO for medical companies is important in order for you to stand out and be found online.  The problem is that with so many SEO agencies in the UK, finding the right one is hard.  

The internet is a very wide and diverse place and is growing every day with thousands of new websites being added and indexed by search engines.  

We always advise using an agency that has experience in doing SEO for medical companies.

For medical companies, it is important that they are found by their visitors.  You may be doctors, dentists, WHO, government organisations, NHS, or the general population seeking medical/health support.

The problem that many health and medical companies face is that the internet is such a large place.  The variety of search phrases and keywords each medical firm seeks to be found for does vary and they are competitive.

PPC advertising is a quick way to get onto page 1 for any keyword, however most people when searching for anything do search the natural results first.   They then consider the paid adverts (that sometimes may not be relevant).

Choosing A Search Company That Knows The Health Industry

There are hundreds of optimisation companies around the UK, thousands in fact.  So medical companies do face the problem of which optimisation company to choose.

May medical companies may use internal web teams to handle their optimisation (as part of their web development strategy).  Then if there is an issue or project seek the occasional search help from time to time when required. 

Others may just need to outsource optimisation work to a specialist and let them deal with it – but who to choose?

There are large optimisation firms, freelancers and everything in-between.

There are search companies that work in the medical sector, that have clients that are involved in the medical industry and they are used to working around the healthcare and medical market. 

Choosing one of these SEO firms is better, as they have medical marketing experience, understand how the market works and how your competitors are working on the web.

This makes more sense than using an agency that is experienced in doing SEO company for banks, or one that works in the retail industry.

Compare Prices From Industry Experienced Agencies

Cost is always a factor when it comes to anything these days and shopping around for quotes has become a standard procedure when searching for prices on anything (insurance, clothes, cars etc.).

All search companies have different charging structures, depending on their size, experience and track record. 

As optimisation is quite a new marketing discipline, agencies range from having 10 years experience down to several months (having just left college).  SEO prices vary considerably from agency to agency.

For medical companies, shopping around and comparing quotes from a few SEO companies with medical experience is very wise. 

There are some search companies that charge on a monthly basis.  This is for basic link building work to generate backlinks.  There are some that charge on an annual basis (as SEO is a long term strategy that can take months or years to take effect).

For free advice and quotes from optimisation companies that have experience in the medical and healthcare industry, just fill in the form above.

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