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Marketing for medical companies is a specialist area of marketing, not something any old marketing agency can do, but one that knows the healthcare sector.  

Marketing for medical companies therefore needs to be approached in a unique way.  

With thousands of marketing agencies around the UK, we advise you to talk to ones that know the medical sector.  

If they know about medical marketing strategies, they can make sure your campaign if effective, efficient and profitable.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local marketing agencies that know the healthcare and medical sector. 

The UK Health Industry

You are in a fortunate position whereby your services are needed and required in today’s world (despite the recession and people cutting back on luxury spending).  Whether your are part of the NHS or a private company, this market is growing.

However the problem that all face is that there is a growing competition in this sector. The industry is a wide and diverse one, a global industry that is run by an industry that is starting to look at cost.

The Need For Marketing

Marketing is essential in order for you to grow and expand, in the same way as any other businesses in the private and NGO sectors.

There is the problem for many however, in that who do you decide to work with; there are tens of thousands of agencies, all boasting quick solutions and being ‘award winning’ agencies. 

There are large advertising companies in London, small firms in Scotland, and everything in-between (including thousands overseas offering remote support).

Choosing An Agency

From the many thousands of marketing companies around the UK, it is advised for you to select one that has industry experience.  Someone that has a track record in the medical industry and experience in working in and around the healthcare sector.

The medical industry is unique, complex and needs to be targeted in a certain way, promotion in any industry is unique and the health sector is no different.

Options To Promote Yourself

These can be considered as your weapons arsenal, lots of different kinds of weapons that can be used to great effect, but choosing the right tool for the right job is necessary.  There is no need to use a cannon to kill a fly, promotion needs to be used with similar caution.

Full Service Agency

Are you looking for a medical experienced full service agency to handle all your marketing?  They have all facilities internally.  With the exception of printing they will have all the resources listed below internally.  The benefit of using one agency is continuity in the marketing message.

Cutting Edge Website Design

An essential part of promotion is website design for medical companies; without a website in today’s world, you will not survive. 

A website does not have to be fancy or uber expensive, it can be basic, clean and simple giving the essentials.  It can also be complicated (like an e-commerce website to sell thousands of different surgical or health products) and an integral part of your business.

Choosing a web designer is tricky as there are so many, large London based website designers and freelancers working from home.  Selecting one that has medical marketing experience is the key factor to consider.


Advertising is at the heart of marketing for medical companies. Advertising for medical companies is linked to so many other areas of promotion.  Whether this is TV based, direct marketing or leaflets. Advertising plays an important roll in medical marketing.


Branding is in many ways the centre of marketing for medical companies. Branding for medical companies is what sets them apart in the industry.

PR And The Media

A very effective and cost efficient tool for you to use is public relations.  PR for medical companies is something that can be very targeted, very low cost (in comparison to other forms of promotion) and highly effective.

Public relations is all about spreading a message, telling a story and raising you profile in the industry.  It can be great for brand awareness and letting other medical businesses hear about announcements, changes in your business, new products or just general awareness.

With the growth of the internet, online PR has taken on a new dynamic and can be worked alongside traditional PR.  This can help your campaign become highly effective and work for a long time (as information on the web continues to work as it is always there).

SEO For Your Website

SEO is a hot topic area for many businesses as it is thought to produce ‘free traffic’ and to an extent this is true.  However SEO work does take time, and a lot of effort. 

The internet has billions of websites on it and for a company to get to the top of the search engines for their chosen keywords is quite difficult (even more so for very competitive keywords).

There are a wide number of SEO companies with medical experience and it is advised to use an SEO firm that has a track record in this industry. 

The UK has thousands of SEO companies, top firms in London that charge an arm and a leg, smaller freelancers in Bognor that work for less than £100 per month.

A big part of being able to climb online these days is social media platforms like Twitter.  Social media marketing is an important part of SEO and one that search engines now take very seriously.  Particularly, having relevant and engaging content is a big part of being on page 1.

Medical Packaging

Many medical businesses need to use a packaging company to produce boxes and other forms of packaging.  By using a packaging designer with medical marketing experience you can ensure that your packaging reflects your brand and meeds medical standards.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is very popular, specifically PPC for medical companies. Since most people use the internet (and SEO is hard work), PPC is a quick way for medical companies to be found.  PPC is an important part of marketing for medical companies.

Telemarketing And Lead Generation

Telemarketing for many companies is hit and miss.  Some companies love it (as it is very effective and has produced great results) and some companies hate it (as they get cold called every day by telemarketing companies). 

It is not right for every company, depending on the product/service it can be the answer to the question, or just not the right tool (weapon) to use.

You use both inbound (for handling incoming calls, orders, requests) and outbound (for generating leads, booking meetings etc.). Depending on the application it can be spot on, or not quite right.

If you are considering using a company (for inbound or outbound calling), choosing one with medical marketing experience is very wise.  There are over 600 in the UK, so selecting one that has medical telemarketing experience is logical and will prove a wise move.

Events And Exhibitions

There are hundreds of medical events and conferences on throughout the year for you to attend and exhibit at so it is a case of selecting one that is relevant to your product/service.

Events and exhibitions have been hit by the recession with many being cancelled due to exhibitors pulling out. 

Exhibition stands are expensive and taking staff out of the office (for a jolly) for a few days is also expensive, so many have opted for more cost effective forms of promotion instead of events.

Sometimes exhibitions can be very effective and do still have their part to play in the game, so it is wise for you to select suppliers that know the sector. 

There are hundreds of events companies around the UK, so choosing one with medical marketing experience is very wise (rather than one that designs stands for the outdoor pursuits industry).

Promotional Gifts

Many medical companies view promotional gifts and branded products as a luxury, when times are good it is great to give away free stuff, but if things are tight, it is the first to go.  

Promotional gifts serve as an important part of marketing for medical companies. However branded gifts do play an important part in the promotional arsenal as they achieve a number of goals:

  • Company Awareness – your name/brand is in front of your audience every day
  • Long Term Promotion – they can last for years
  • Free – everyone likes free stuff, it sends a message of generosity
  • Targeted Message – a very specific message/product can be sent to a specific audience

There are hundreds of suppliers around the UK, for you it is wise to select one that has a track record of working with the industry. 

There are thousands of different branded products that can be sent, it is advised to choose carefully and send branded gifts that are relevant and unique.

Choosing medical promotional gifts (such as heart shaped hand warmers, liver shaped stress balls, or anything visual to the sector) that look medical and can be branded will make an impact.

The medical industry is a minefield in many ways; it can be very fruitful and profitable, or can be very hard and difficult to survive in during times of recession. 

The most effective companies are those that use experienced medical marketing companies.  Ones that know the medical sector, understand it and can produce results that make a difference.  Agencies that have done marketing for medical companies before.

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