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Web Design Quotes

There are thousands of website designers in the UK, for any business looking to get a website set up, it is essential to get website design quotes.  Not all website designers are the same.  It is essential to shop around and compare web design quotes.

Finding A Local Designer

Working with a local agency is always best.  If you can meet with them and chat through your ideas, they should be able to create something that you are both happy with.  A meeting serves a couple of things.  Firstly, you can check them out.  Many website designers make claims on their websites:
  • We are voted the number 1 agency by Google
  • We are an award winning agency
  • We have a skilled team supporting hundreds of clients
  • We have posh offices in London, New York and Paris
How do you know any of these things are true.  They could be a student that has just created a website last week.  If you do not meet them, you will never know if what they claim is true.Secondly a meeting gives them the chance to really get to know you.  Most designers shy away from meetings.  Meetings take up time, if they did not have to attend them, they could fit in more clients.  Therefore more money.  If you have a meeting, you force their hand to really pay attention to you as a client (rather than another invoice).

Do they Know Your Industry

All website designers carry different industry experience.  Some have a varied client list, churning out new websites every week.  Some focus on specific industry sectors.  Focusing on website design for vets for example.  If you are not a vet, then it makes no sense using that particular agency.  If they know your industry, they will know your potential customers, and what designs should appeal.At the end of the day, you want your website to be responsive, converting visitors into customers.

Compare Web Design Quotes

Lastly, all website designers set their own fees.  Website designers in London will charge a lot more than a freelance website designers in Blackpool.  For this reason, website design prices will vary significantly.  Comparing website designers is essential as two agencies can produce the same website and charge completely different amounts.

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