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Website Design For AccountantsCompare Quotes From 5 Website Designers That Have Worked With Accountants

Whether you are looking for a new site (or web re-design) we advise on you talking to 4-5 specialists that offers website design for accountants.  

Through talking to expert agencies that have done web design for accountants in the past, you will get the right advice for your new website.

A smart and modern site for your firm is essential, as 95% of your customers will contact you on-line, if they do not like your website, they will go to your competitor down the road.

Web design for accountants needs to be handled by an experienced agency, one that has worked in the financial industry and knows the jargon.

Accountants In The UK

There are around 100,000 accountancy firms in the UK.  Ranging from the top firms such as Deloittes, Ernst & Young and KPMG down to the freelancer that runs their business from home (according to the recommended body).

All these firms need websites and there are a number of UK agencies that can offer this.

Creative Web Agencies With Industry Clients

The benefit with using a company that has worked with the accountancy sector in the past, is that they know your market.  They understand the industry and how to communicate your service to your customers.

Any agency can put a website together.   However having one that works well, that communicates a clear and concise message and captivates an audience is a little different. As an accountancy firm, if you were given the choice between two sorts of web agencies:

  • Designer 1 – past clients include food clients, hair salons, dog grooming companies and an air flight school
  • Designer 2 – past clients include accountants, financial consultants and mortgage brokers

Most would lean towards the number 2

Think About Mobile

An important thing to bear in mind is that it is built to be fully mobile responsive meaning it should look as good on a smartphone as on a desktop PC, which is vital now that more than 50% of web traffic is typically mobile.

Most companies do not have a ‘responsive site’ meaning that updates have to be done each time a new smartphone is brought out on the market

Are They Local?

Local is always good.  As the ability to pop over for a quick face to face chat to run through thoughts, brainstorm ideas, troubleshooting is much more effective than exchanging e-mails over a few days.  

Web design for accountants is most effective if you can sit down and plan together.

Finding The Best Agency

It is all about personal preference; if you can tick all the boxes then that is ideal. 

The ideal is if you can find a local company.  Someone that has lots of experience in the financial sector.  They have some past clients that are accountancy firms.  Hopefully that they can produce a great site at a great price.  Then this is possibly as good as it gets and you have found the best web designer for the job.

The danger that many face is that all agencies seem to be ‘award winning’ and offer the ‘best site design service in the UK’ so selecting the right one is difficult.

Meeting An Agency

It is always good to try and meet a  website designer where possible, for a few reasons:

  • Piece of mind – Are they what they claim on their website, do they really have an office (or a virtual office they are paying for) and the team that they claim on their website?
  • Quality – E-mail and phone are great, but discussing something as important as a site you need to have the agencies full attention.  A meeting allows the chance to brainstorm and discuss strategy
  • Personal Contact – You can meet the team, they can get to know you and you them; this brings the personal element in and helps in getting value for money
  • Reviews – If your site is having constant work done on it, a review meeting is always good to see how things are going
  • Experience – Talk about them about their past experience of marketing for accountants.

Many shy away from meetings, as they take time and detract from them working with more clients. 

Good for them, but you want them to spend as much time on your project in order to get maximum value for money for the accountants website.

Compare Prices And Get Quotes

All web agencies are privately owned companies, all looking to generate profits in order to buy new houses, better cars, more holidays; therefore shopping around is important. 

Web design costs tend to vary depending on the size of company, larger studios have higher office costs, more staff costs, more directors and freelancers have lower costs.

Getting a great site produced is important, but paying a low cost for it is equally important (no-one wants to add to their next holiday fund).  Therefore shopping around and comparing quotes from companies with financial industry experience is needed.

For free advice and quotes on web design for accountants, just fill in the form.

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