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We do advise you talking with local web design agencies; but in particular, agencies that have done web design for florists before.

They should know what designs work for florists.  They should know what your competitors websites are doing (and how they are performing), which overall should save you money

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes local website designers that have experience in marketing for florists.

3 Features A Florist’s Website Needs

1/ Minimal text

Even if you write like Hemingway, your target audience likely doesn’t care much. They want to see that you know flowers, not words.  

2/ Professional Pictures

Large, high-quality photos have a powerful effect on website visitors. Little thumbnails won’t do anymore – today’s shopper wants to scroll quickly and see a great breadth and depth of work.  Each of your landing pages does need to scream professional.

3/ Mobile First

This underscores the fact that successful sites have to look great and function well not only on a desktop computer but also on phones and other mobile devices. Specifically, users expect to scroll on their phones – it’s become a natural part of their daily lives, and they don’t want to wait long, so the best sites are built with responsive design and are optimized to load quickly for those times when users aren’t attached to high-speed Wi-Fi.  Mobile friendly website design is essential these days.

Do You Really Need A Website

In today’s world, more and more business is being done on the internet.  More and more people order flowers online rather that traditionally going into a shop.

Websites like Interflora have been around for years, and since many other similar websites have sprung up.

For you to compete in an ever increasing digital world, having a website is essential.

Considering some of the larger florists and mail order florists, they all have websites in place and this is the main driving force behind their businesses.  

Website design for florists needs to make you stand out.

What Florists Need To Look For

The main feature to consider for florists is the pictures they show of the flower arrangements they can do. 

Flowers are very visual and they prompt an emotional response when we see them.  For this reason the websites do need to be very visual. Another thing to consider is the cost.

By clearly showing the costs of the various flower arrangements customers will understand quickly the costs involved and not get a shock when they go to order.

The Need To Change

Special offers are also something that people like the look of; to have a special order sector shows that florist is able to offer something a little more customised. 

An idea is having ‘flowers of the season’ in the special offer area.  Flowers that naturally grow in the UK during that period of the year can be put into special offers to encourage people keeping their flowers with the changing seasons.

‘Picking’ A Designer

Website design companies almost grow on trees (or like flowers), there are thousands around the UK.  

This being the case it does make sense for florists to talk to designers that have designed sites for flower shops in the past.  This way they will know what will work and what will not.

We want to help you get quotes to compare as website design prices vary.  Fill in the form to compare quotes on web design for florists today.

Choosing a local web designer is a good idea due to the need for photos to be taken.  Maybe a multi media video of the shop or some of the staff working on the flower displays.

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