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Marketing for florists is important, both for online and high street florists.  For any florist, standing out in the crowd is important.  

Since supermarkets are now selling cheaper flowers and getting good quality in, competing is difficult.  

What makes your florist different from the one down the street?  Why should a customer buy from you rather than  ordering online?

These are questions you need to ask yourself.  This is the core of the marketing message you will be sending.  

Marketing is all about communication, and your message needs to be unique and clear.  

Marketing for florists does take a delicate touch, both in the branding of the logo and also the promotional material (including the website).

Companies like Intaflora have been around for many years, and more online florists have ‘sprouted’ in recent years.  2020 is a competitive decade and your marketing needs to be effective.

The difficulty comes with finding the right marketing agency to use, as there are so many around the UK.  We always advise using agencies that have a background in marketing for florists.

Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from marketing agencies that know the flower industry.

Why You Need Marketing

This flower industry is very competitive, this is the main reason why you need marketing support. 

There are a number of web based companies (ones that have not physical shop or location) like bunches for example.  They offer cheap bouquets, so the market is becoming more and more competitive.

Supermarkets also offer cheap bunches of flowers, which makes things harder for you.  Also you need to ask, why would a customer come to you rather than a cheaper alternative?  

Level of service?  
Variety of flowers?

Marketing Options

There are many marketing tools that you can use, some are web based, some are traditional forms of promotion and advertising:


One of the core parts of marketing for any business is your branding.  Branding for florists is what sets you apart.  Not just locally, but nationally.  Bearing in mind, global florists grow from local florists.  

Your brand is wha sets you apart from all the other florists.  Talking to a branding company is important in order to position you correctly.

Attractive Websites

Website design for florists is very important, certainly in today’s internet world.  As a higher number of people use the internet to find a local supplier rather than going to a directory or going down the street.  

If flowers need to be delivered, flower websites are perfect.  Standing out against established companies like Interflora can only be done with a good website.  

Website design itself is important, as a poorly designed website does stand out.  Marketing for florists really does start with a good website.

Advertising Options

Advertising for florists is important, to let the local community know you are there.  To encourage people to buy flowers from you rather than the garage or supermarket.  There are many different forms of advertising that are available to florists in the UK.  

Advertising can either be done on a national basis (if you are an online florist), so TV advertising.  Or more local advertising on billboards.

SEO For Your Website

SEO for florists websites is important, so that people can find them on search engines. 

It should not be too difficult in getting your website high on search engines, as the sector is not that competitive in a geographical area.  However competing against some of the large national florists like Eflorist makes it a little more challenging.  

An SEO company should be able to advise you on a good strategy.   You need to climb online in order to compete and this is where SEO comes in.  It is not just a case of doing a quick tweak, SEO is all about constantly updating your website and growing.

PPC For Your Websites

PPC marketing for florists is essential these days, perhaps even more than SEO due to the way that people use the internet. 

Paid advertising can be very effective in directing relevant visitors to your website.  Marketing for florists these days is as much online as it is on the high street.  PPC advertising can be used to ensure that you are appearing 24/7.  In the modern world, PPC plays a big roll in marketing for florists.  

PPC can be set up very quickly and can be generating you leads within a few hours.  

People looking for anniversary flowers may prefer to use you than an online florist.  People looking for flowers for a funeral may want to use your because you are more local.  PPC can send this message and win you clients.

PR And Media Support

PR for florists can be a great way for you to get local exposure and at a relatively low cost when compared with other forms of marketing.  Public relations can be targeted either locally or nationally.  

Getting media attention (certainly locally) is important if you are going to get repeat customers.  If there are a lot of local florists, then PR can be a very cost effective form of marketing to make your stand out.  

There are many PR agencies around the UK, we advise using one that has done marketing for florists in the past.

Colourful Brochures

Brochures for florists are helpful for you, but not essential.  As most people would either use your website to view your collections of flowers.  They may visit your shop (to see the flowers in store) or know what they are looking for.  

But brochures can be used in a direct mail campaign to the local area.  We do advise using local brochure designers where possible as you can have that all important meeting.

Choosing An Agency

When considering an agency, it is very wise to consider using one that has worked with the flower industry before.  One that knows about the marketing for florists and is good at communicating your message. 

As there are tens of thousands of agencies around the UK, it only makes sense to use one that is experienced.  Have a look through their clients on their website.  If possible, talk to some of the clients.  Are they happy?  Are they seeing results?

Get A Few Quotes

Price comparison is popular these days, and marketing for florists is no different.  The old phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ often applies to many things, but not to marketing.  

All marketing agencies set their own fees, so prices will range considerably.  We want to help you get the best agency, for the lowest price.  

This is why you need to compare quotes, from agencies that have worked in the flower sector and are local to you.  Choosing an agency because they are the cheapest is not wise, as you may not get the results that you are looking for.  

However choosing the most expensive agency because ‘you get what you pay for’ is also not wise.

Choosing a marketing partner based on chemistry is really what it is about.

How well do you get on with them?
Do you both click?  
Is there a depth of understanding and passion for your campaign?  

These are all things you need to ask yourself when choosing an agency to partner with (and invest in).

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