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Websites play an important roll for vets, and website design for vets is just as important.  Vets need to have effective websites in order to get new customers.

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Does Your Vet Need A Website?

The UK has a growing market of veterinary practices.  As more and more people have domestic pets, there is a growing need to have surgeries.  They do not just look after domestic pets (like dogs and cats) but exotic pets, farmyard animals and race horses. As the internet has grown, google is often the first port of call for people that require a local vet.  If someone needs to find you, they will go to the internet to do it.  If you are not there, then you may well miss out on business.  If your website needs media attention, PR for vets is very cost effective.

Sites Designed To Inspire

People are very protective of their pets, they will not choose you if your site is poorly designed or does not look professional.  People want the best for their pets and are happy to pay for a premium service.  Website design for vets need to bring feelings of comfort and security. There are features that need to be considered:

  • Bright and modern design
  • Smiling people and happy looking pets (photos)
  • Industry qualifications

The first impression someone needs on going onto the vets website is that it is safe, professional and trustworthy.  In the same way that people need to trust their local GP, the same trust is given to you. 

Web Agencies That Know The Pet Industry

There are thousands of web agencies around the UK to choose from, all offering great looking sites.  The key factor to consider for is choosing someone that makes the site effective.  There are a number of agencies that have done website design for vets, so these would be the ones for you to talk to (as they know what works and what doesn’t).

Compare Prices

One key factor for any company is cost; the upfront cost of the design and then any on-going costs.  They are like cars in many ways, in that they do need serviced, updated and re-painted.   If they are just left without servicing, they look old and uninspiring.  All agencies charge their own rates (day rates, site rates) so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes from a few designers that have experience in website design for vets.  Website design prices do vary considerably depending on which agency you select, so it is wise to shop around.

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