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PR for vets is a very effective marketing tool.  Low cost it is affordable for both small and large veterinary practices.  

However finding a suitable media agency is the problem, as there are hundreds of public relations companies to choose from.  We always advise talking to agencies that have a track record of doing PR for vets.  

If your website needs updated, equally use a web designer that has worked with vets.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from 5 local PR agencies that have experience in doing PR for vets and with animal welfare.

Vets In The UK

There are thousands in the UK and each one is in competition with the other for business.

The UK is a nation of cat and dog lovers.  They are called to look after a much broader range of animals with increasingly exotic pets being included.  Alongside the traditional farm animals, such as horses, cows, pigs, ostriches and llamas, not to mention zoos and circuses.  

The list is wide and diverse and vets do need to have a wide knowledge of animal healthcare.  PR for vets is therefore necessary.

Even experience in PR for life science is necessary as it involves the care and protection of our animals

Media Support

Due to the growing numbers of people in the UK, the number of pets are also increasing.  As the number of pets grows, so to does the need for veterinary surgeries, and the more there are, the more need there is for each one to stand out.  All vets are part of the national body.

In a competitive market place there is a need to stand out as either ‘the local vet’ for people to visit; or as a specialist that has experience with specific animals.

The media  is a powerful marketing tool for veterinary surgeries as it can help them raise the practice’s profile and create brand awareness in the local area.

Local Media Exposure

Most work in the local area they are based; due to the number and diversity of pets to cover there is the need to target the local media.   This could be done using a variety of means, but most typically the PR for vets would be carried out through the local media.  

It is therefore best for the campaign to be targeted locally.

Finding An Agency

The best kind of PR agencies to consider would be ones that have a background of either veterinary media or organisations, such as animal charities such as RSPCA. 

There are a wide range of media companies around the UK, and a few that actually specialise in working with veterinary surgeries.  Finding an experienced agency that has done PR for vets in the past is necessary.

Compare Multiple Prices

When considering agencies, it is wise to realise that PR prices do vary quite a lot.  It follows that the best course is to receive advice from several different agencies to determine the type of campaign needed, before obtaining quotes for costs.  

Just fill in the form and we will find some as close to your locality as possible from local public relations agencies that know about PR for vets.

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