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There are over 100 website designers in Leicester.  Ranging from larger web design studios, that have highly skilled and experienced designers, down to freelancers working from home. In addition Leicester has around 70 marketing companies, again of varying size and ability.  They offer web design services along with a range of other services, such as branding, advertising and social media marketing, to SME’s and larger businesses.  There are also a number of PR agencies in Leicester that can help your website with web and social media attention.  Should you not find a local agency, there are a number of web designers in nearby Loughborough that may be suited?

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Website Designers In Leicester

Choosing A Creative Partner

Finding the right web designer can be difficult as there are so many local web designers to choose from.  In addition, there are hundreds of website designers in Nottingham to the north. For most businesses choosing a local website designer makes more sense that one in Nottingham, Mansfield or further afield.  It is true that much design work can be done at a distance using e-mail and telephone calls. However there is a loyalty that comes through working with a designer who is local, together with commitment and a desire to please. A visit to the designer, especially in the early days, is a good thing, not necessarily to ‘check them out’ but to discuss strategy, layout and thrash ideas around the table.  There are also many website designers in Loughborough just down the road.

 Many companies these days will work from ‘virtual offices’, yet in reality work from home, so a meeting should lay this fear to rest.  A meeting also gives a chance to meet the design team, chat to them about ideas and get a higher quality website as a result; one that is more planned, thought out and critiqued.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 this has to be done with social distancing in mind of course.

Asking for references is also something that is advised, certainly if you are spending a lot of money with them, and then chatting to some of their clients about whether they are getting value for money; does the designer handle objectives well; do they respond to problems timely and do they go the extra mile? Choosing  website designers in Leicester with experience is also something that is wise, as there are hundreds of website designers in the Midlands; choosing one that knows your industry is logical if nothing else.  If you are a property business, choosing a designer that has construction marketing experience is better than one that specialises in say the telecoms industry.

Compare Prices From Website Designers In Leicester

All agencies charge different rates and fees.  Some larger web designers charge more due to having higher overheads, higher staff costs and higher profit margins than freelancers. Comparing prices is part of our society these days. Selecting a website designer needs to be done with a number of considerations in mind, and not just website design prices, but issues such as experience, skills and design flare. The cheapest website is not necessarily the best;  sometimes paying a little bit more is worth it; as a company’s website is their shop window, it needs to look attractive and appealing. For free, no obligation advice and quotes from website designers in Leicester, just fill in the form.

A Few Words About Leicester

This is the county town of Leicestershire and has a population of over three hundred thousand (and growing). It is on the outskirts of the National Forest, on the banks of the River Soar, and the name is thought to come from the words ‘castra of the Ligore’, meaning camp of dwellers by the river (legro) in Latin.  The city is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1068 as “Ledecestre”. Leicester was always quite a small town until the Industrial Revolution which fueled its growth; the city was known for shoe-making and hosiery.  The Grand Union Canal linked Leicester, London and Birmingham, which helped with the growth of business and the transportation  of goods from the Midlands to the capital.  It was officially made a city in 1919.

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