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There are over 30 website designers in Preston, mainly smaller studios and freelancers.

There are around 30 marketing companies that offer this work along with other marketing services, such as PR, graphic design and web development work.

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Local Creative Agencies

We do advise businesses in Preston to use a local partner, rather than someone in London.  

Having that local contact brings a loyalty you just do not get via e-mail.  Also, the ability to have weekly meetings is helpful and will bring more value to your finished website.  

Why talk with web design agencies in Bolton when there are great ones locally?

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Choosing a Local Agency

As there are a variety of web agencies to choose from, working with a local company is wise, as a visit can be made to the designer without too much trouble. 

Despite it being easily achieved at a distance, the personal contact is important.

This is partly to ensure that the agency is up to the standard required, but also most importantly for them to fully understand objectives.

E-mail and phone are great for confirming and for quick messages, but to fully cover objectives and designs a face to face meeting is needed. 

In working with a local company, there is always the added loyalty and ‘hands on’ service that local businesses do receive.

Experienced Local Experts

From the many web design companies in Preston, there is a need to select one that has a knowledge and background in your market. 

They should have a better understanding of how your industry works, who the key players are and also how your competitors are presenting themselves. 

Someone who knows your industry is far more likely to create a better one for you than one who has no experience.

Compare Multiple Prices

All web design agencies in Preston are different.  All offering different ideas, with different skills, and different quotes. 

As such it is wise to compare quotes and get a few different ideas about possible web designs and prices, in order to make an informed decision.

A Quick Look at Preston

This Lancashire city was founded by the Romans on the River Ribble, and was later mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 as being an important town.

For tax purposes in 1218 it was the wealthiest town in Britain.  

It was given the right to hold a Guild Merchant in 1179 and celebrations are held every 20 years. 

Due to its position the city played an important role during the English Civil War with Charles I and also during the Jacobean rebellion in 1715. 

The Industrial Revolution saw it grow with the cotton industry and it was the first city outside of London to be lit by gas lamps in 1815. 

Preston has just under 150,000 within its city areas and plays host to BAE systems R&D, telecoms companies and a number of material handling companies.

It is also known as being the first UK site of a KFC outlet.

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