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There are around 30 website designers in Bolton, most of which are freelancers working from home, and small agencies.  

We do encourage working with someone local where possible; but also someone that works in your industry sector.  

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Bolton does have around 50 marketing & design companies that offer it, alongside other marketing services.   Services such as graphic design, printing and SEO, that is geared more for larger businesses that need additional marketing support. 

Choosing A Marketing Partner

For any business that is based in Bolton, working with someone local is better than with web design companies in Manchester or even further afield. 

Someone local has the opportunity to share a meeting at a moments notice, and also be able to offer that personal touch, that only comes with working with a local supplier.  

PR agencies in Bolton can help support you via the media, which could be helpful.

It is always wise to meet with them, as many tend to make claims about ‘we are the UK’s best website designer‘, or ‘we are an award winning web designer’.  

Websites are shop windows and many can use them to exaggerate their experience or their size.  A meeting gives a good chance to ensure that they are what they claim to be.

A meeting also gives a chance for the creative juices to flow, a chance to thrash out ideas, and to ensure that you get the best value for money.  It is an investment and as such, does need time and care invested.

Get Suggestions From Web Designers

When you visit a designer, it is good to ask for some mock ups of what the site would look like. 

These can then be compared with samples from other website designers in Bolton, and you can choose which you consider to be the best ones. Another helpful tip would be to ask the designer for a few recommendation from current or recent clients.  

This should give you a feel for what you can expect. 

Are the current customers getting value for money?
Are their websites working well for them?  
Are they getting a satisfactory return on their investment?

We have put together 7 tips on choosing a web designer, as it is not easy since they all say what you want to hear.

Compare Multiple Prices

One thing to consider when comparing prices for website design, is that all web designers are profit making companies.  All are privately owned and are in business to make money.

The pricing of the website design also varies based on the kind of website you need.  A large website or basic website, and on the number of pages to be designed.  If there are 3 pages or 100 pages, the prices will vary accordingly.

Generally speaking, the larger they are, the higher their costs will be.  As they have more staff, larger offices, higher profit margins, more directors.  Also an expensive website does not make it a good website.

Selecting a partner needs to be done with their experience in mind.

If they have great skills, then it is worth paying a little more for a great website, rather than overpaying a designer who is less able.

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A Few Words About Bolton

This Lancashire town in the suburbs of Greater Manchester has a population of around 150,000 according the government stats.

It is best known for being an old mill town, at a time when Manchester was thriving in the clothing and textile industry.

In 1929 it had reached it’s peak with 216 cotton mills.  However, this industry declined after the First World War, and is now completely transferred to the Far East.

The name ‘Bolton’ is descended from the Old English word ‘Bothel’ and ‘Tun’; which means ‘settlement with a special building’. 

It does not appear in the Domesday Book of 1068, but the first mention of the town is from 1185, as ‘Boelton’, and it was recorded as ‘Bothelton in 1212.  Henry III granted the town a charter in 1251.

There is evidence of early human activity in the area from various early human finds and stone circles around Egerton, and burial mounds on Winter Hill.

During the Civil War years (1642 – 1651) the town supported parliaments cause, and there was a fortified settlement in the town, which was attacked twice unsuccessfully by Price Rupert.

However, on 28th May 1644 the breach was successful, 1500 were killed and 700 taken prisoner, plus wide scale looting, an episode known as the Boton Massacre. 

The Earl of Derby was executed outside of Bolton at the end of the Civil War for his part in the massacre.

These days it is known for the Macron Stadium which is the headquarters for the well known sports brand. 

There was quite an industry in the defence and engineering sectors, but these have also been moved overseas, as part of the global sourcing initiative.

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