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There are over 50 website designers in Southampton, ranging from larger marketing agencies, down to freelancers who have just left college. 

Southampton university is a great pool for new talent coming into the market.

The difficulty is choosing a web designer that is right for your business, which is where we can help.

Did you need just a website, or did you need help with other areas of marketing also?  Once your website is created, the next step is getting more visitors to the website.

Did you need media support?  There are many PR companies in Southampton that can help.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from local web designers in Southampton that know your industry.

How Much Would A Website Cost?

This is a difficult question, as there a number of factors to consider:

  • How large will the website be?
  • Number of pages?
  • The backend of the website?
  • Is it a shop with Paypal or another payment gateway?
  • Are you using a large design agency or a freelancer?

Technology is always changing, quite quickly, and user experience (UX) is important.  For this reason experience matters.

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Some Questions To Consider

Here are a few questions to consider asking a few website design agencies in Southampton:

  • Website Content

Will you require the agency to write the content for your website, or is this something that you can do.  Ideally is is best coming from you, since you know your business/brand best.  Your passion will come across if you can contribute to the text framework.

  • Website Hosting

Not all web design companies in Southampton have website servers, some do, some do not.

Many agencies prefer to host their customers websites, as this ties you into staying with them (client retention), but is this in your best interests?  

There are lots of website hosting companies around the UK so it may be best to get a few quotes.  Website hosting costs anything from £5.00 per month for a small website up to around £50 for a dedicated server for a large website.

  • Website Platform

Some website designers in Southampton work with WordPress as a website platform, which is the most common website platform.  

What web platform is best for your business?  Did you need a bespoke website created and built by a designer, or would an off the shelf website be best?

  • Marketing

Once your website is created, you need to get visitors to it.

Some web designers in Southampton also offer digital marketing services, but we do advise you getting quotes to compare.

Short term, advertising on the main search engines is wise, to get you customers quickly.  This can be set up and running within a couple of weeks once the learn phase is done.

Long term you will need SEO done, to get you appearing organically.  This may take time, since you are a new fish in an established pond.  How competitive is your industry, this can also effect how quickly the SEO will take.

Make Your Website Stand out

Websites have been evolving, and we can all spot a bad one.

Colour is important, mobile usability is important, branding is important.  These are all things to consider to make your website stand out over your competitors.

Not all web designers in Southampton are the same, some have lots of design experience, some do not.

Consider What Kind Of Website Is Needed

If you need a basic website set up, then a smaller studio is probably most appropriate.  If you need a larger e-commerce website set up with SEO included, then a larger studio may be best.

They can cost £100 or hundreds of thousands, so having an idea of what is needed helps, then considering the additional extras such as SEO work, internet advertising and PPC.

Compare Multiple Website Design Quotes

All web design companies in Southampton set their own fees, so we do suggest getting multiple quotes.

Freelancers tend to be cheaper, but do they have the experience you need?  Do they design websites on the platform that is best for your business?

Larger website design agencies in Southampton will be more expensive since they have higher overheads, but are they best?

Just because a web designer in Southampton is ‘award winning’ or ‘highly recommended’ is not the sign to go with them.  Most web designers in the UK boast of the awards they have won, or the high number of Trust Pilot reviews they have.  This is just marketing, you need to compare quotes.

The most expensive agency is not going to produce you the best website, but choosing an agency based on the lowest price is not the best route either.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a few web design companies in Southampton that know your industry.

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