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There are over 150 website designers in Southampton, ranging from larger design studios, down to freelancers who have just left college.  Southampton also has a strong base of general marketing companies that can offer design services as part of an overall marketing package of digital services, PR, and branding work.

As it has such a strong student element due to the University there is a strong ‘young’ element to the city, and as such, many in the city are smaller freelancers and entrepreneurs who either work from home or rented offices.

website designers in Southampton

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Choosing Someone Local

As there are so many website designers in Southampton to choose from, using one outside of the city seems unnecessary, when you can use someone local.  In working with a local company you get a commitment to your company that is just not there with one that is based in London, or up in Scotland.  Communication is normally via e-mail or at best phone, whereas if you work with someone local, a visit is 10 minutes away.

Visiting their office should give you a feel for what they are like, are they big offices, are they professional or are they working out of a rented bedsit?
Selecting someone who knows your industry is also advantageous; if they have designed sites in your industry previously, then they should have a good idea of what works well and what will stand out.
In the unlikely event that you cannot find a local designer, there are hundreds more website designers in Portsmouth (half an hours drive east) that are able to help – and not too far away.

Compare Prices From Website Designers In Southampton

All website designers in Hampshire are independent businesses each offering different website design prices so shopping around and comparing is important.

One important thing to bear in mind is that all are in business to make money, so getting a feel for costs is important in order to avoid overspending and boosting their profits too much.

Generally larger website design agencies in Southmpton have higher costs, partly due to having more expensive staff and resources to pay for, but also more directors taking dividends, more company cars, larger more expensive offices and higher profit margins.  Smaller companies may well have less resources and less experience, but they have less capital costs and lower profit margins.

Consider what kind of website is needed. If you need a basic website set up, then a smaller studio is probably most appropriate; if you need a larger e-commerce website set up with SEO included, then a larger studio may be best.

They can cost £100 or hundreds of thousands, so having an idea of what is needed helps, then considering the additional extras such as SEO work, internet advertising and PPC.

A Few Words about Southampton

Southampton is a famous city and sea port on the south coast of England in Hampshire, famous for links to the naval industry, Titanic, QE2 and other maritime areas down the centuries.

Southampton has around 250.000 inhabitants and is growing as new students come to the university (something the council is developing).

There is evidence of human occupation going back to the Stone Age, with evidence of Romans, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, going up to the newer city walls which were built around the Napoleonic period in case of French invasion, although earlier city walls go back many hundreds of years.  At the time of the Norman conquest in 1066, it played a vital trade route between the then capital of Winchester, and French bases in Normandy, until London was made England’s capital city.

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