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There are over 20 PR agencies in Southampton, many of which are smaller boutique companies or freelancers who work from home.  

There are some 15 marketing companies in Southampton that offer public relations as part of a broader range of marketing support services.  Normally to larger clients, such as web design services, branding and digital media.  

There are a number of PR companies in Southampton that work in specific industry sectors.

If you needed any web support, Southampton has website designers that could help.

Simply fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR companies in Southampton that know your industry sector.

Choosing An Agency

There are hundreds of PR agencies in Hampshire, choosing one local to you is wise, as opposed to one that is hundreds of miles away, as meetings will be fairly simple.

Certainly as there are a wide range of firms to choose from, it is only logical.

Public relations does require a level of understanding and strategy, and face to face meetings are highly recommended, in order to effectively communicate objectives and marketing strategies.

There is the need to form a satisfactory working relationship; also an agency working locally is likely to give better service.  Not just as a result of  loyalty, but also through having a reputation to maintain with other local businesses.

Selecting an agency that has an understanding of your industry is very important.  They will have experience in working with your target media.

They will have relationships with the various target publications you would be featured in.  They should be able to get you positioned in the most effective way to generate results for you quickly.

Compare Quotes From PR Companies In Southampton

All PR companies in Southampton set different fees for their services, some charge per month, some per year. 

Generally the larger the agency is, the higher the PR prices will be.  As they have higher overheads, more staff and larger offices; whereas the reverse is the case for smaller agencies.

Shopping around for quotes is part of today’s society.  The cheapest agency is not necessarily the best.  However comparing quotes does ensure that you are not overspending unnecessarily.  

There is also the need to take advice, and go some way to define your campaign, before obtaining a firm costing.

A Few Words About Southampton

This major port and city is situated in Hampshire on the south coast of England; it has a population of around quarter of a million according to council data.

The site has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and the Romans used the area as part of the defences to protect Winchester. 

When the Romans left England, the Anglo Saxons moved in expanding the area, around St Mary’s, calling it ‘Hamwic’, which later became named ‘Hampton’. 

The name of the county of Hampshire gets it’s name from this Anglo Saxon town.

The Normans invaded in 1066 and it became a major port, between the then capital Winchester and Normandy. 

The Normans built the castle. In 1620 Southampton was the port from which the Pilgrim Fathers finally departed in the Mayflower, when they left to cross the Atlantic to the New World.

During 1642 it was occupied by the Parliamentary forces and had a number of attacks from Royalist troops, and in the 18th century it was used as a staging post for war with France.  

In 1740 it became a Spa town where people would come to ‘take the water’.

During World War II 630 people lost their lives as a result of Luftwaffe air raids and over 2,000 people were injured. 

Much of the ancient city was destroyed due to the War, however the city has been rebuilt and modernised as a result. 

In 1952 the college of Highfield was upgraded to the University and it became a city in 1964.

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