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There are around 150 website designers in Suffolk.  Most of the website designers are based in and around the main towns of, Ipswich & Bury St Edmonds, and are mainly smaller design studios consisting of 3-4 web designers.  

There are around 30 larger marketing companies that offer a range of  services, such as brochure design and advertising, as well as web services.

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Choosing A Local Agency

As there are hundreds of creative agencies in the county to choose from, working with someone that is local does come with its advantages.  There is normally a kind of loyalty that comes with working with an agency on your doorstep, arising from the opportunity to meet in person to discuss designs in depth.  

Selecting a web agency that has worked in your market is also something that is good to do; by looking at the agencies track record of clients this should give you a feel for how well they know your market.

Compare Prices Today

As the county is mainly rural web design prices tend to be a little lower in terms of hourly rates than agencies based further south in London or other cities where overheads such as rent and staff costs are higher.  

However it is worth looking around at different agencies.  They range from budget to very expensive; however, as they are the first thing that customers will see of your business on enquiring, there is the need to have the best ‘shop window’ possible at the best price.

Suffolk In A Few Words

This county which forms part of  East Anglia is in the east of England.  

It has just under a million people within the county and covers roughly 1,500 sq miles.  

Historically this area was low lying fens that commonly flooded, and has many stone age artefacts.  

The main city in the county is Ipswich and the area is best known for farming and tourism (something the council are pushing).  

One notable character was Simon Sudbury who was made Archbishop Of Canterbury in 1375, crowned Richard II, was captured in the Peasants Revolt and beheaded.

His body was buried in Canterbury and his head in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Other notable people from here include composer Benjamin Britten and painters Thomas Gainsborough and John Constable.

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