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Advertising For Confectionery CompaniesGet Advertising Support For Your Sweet Company

With over 1,000 advertising agencies in the UK to choose from, finding the right agency is difficult.  

Advertising for chocolate companies really needs to be handled by an industry experienced agency.  Advertising for chocolates and sweets is different to advertising of medical products.  

This is why we encourage you to use industry experts.  

For advice and quotes on advertising for chocolate companies, get quotes from 5 advertising agencies that know the industry.  

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Why Advertise?

Advertising for chocolate and sweets is possibly one of the largest in the UK.  

Companies such as Nestle, Mars and Cadbury are some of the largest advertising chocolate firms.  They are where they are due to marketing and advertising.  

Smaller businesses in the sector are growing (such as Hotel Chocolate) thanks to advertising for chocolate campaigns.  

Good advertising means more industry exposure, it is not all about quality or taste. Consider the following marketing mediums:

TV Promotion

Promotion on TV is popular, due to the entire captive audience being prospective customers.  

Certainly around holidays chocolate companies use TV advertising to paint that perfect picture of your products making a holiday season complete.  

Christmas is of course the main season to get the campaign running, but also Easter.  In fact, halloween is another major chocolate advertising excuse, and works really really well.

Radio Promotion

Radio advertising is not really used that much, yet can still be effective.  Smaller chocolate and sweet firms do use radio advertising for local and regional advertising.

Visual Marketing

Banner promotion, billboard advertising, signage are all big areas for sweet companies to advertise on.  As visual adverts are so targeted, they are the perfect platform for millions of pairs of eyes to view each day.


Many sweet industry companies do sponsor sports events around the UK and abroad.  

As sponsorship  associates the brand of the sweets with the sport, which has caused negative reactions.  

As Robinsons juice is associated with tennis or Red Bull with extreme sports, confectionery companies look to associate their different products with sports events.

Magazine Promotion

Magazines are a strong platform for promotion and have been for decades.  Many of the top sweetie companies advertise in magazines of all kinds.  

This creates good brand awareness for the confectionery type (chocolate or other sweet products) and will continue to be a good branding exercise.

Selecting An Agency

There are hundreds of advertising agencies around the UK available for chocolate companies to choose from.  

Selecting an advertising agency that is skilled and experienced in the medium is important (TV, radio etc.) but another important factor to bear in mind is their experience.

  • Does the agency have any experience of working with the sweets sector in the past?  
  • Have they worked with chocolate companies in the past?  
  • To what extent have they worked and how successful were they?  
  • Do they know much about marketing of chocolate or confectionery?

These are all questions that need to be considered before approaching them for a meeting.

Compare Prices

All advertising agencies set their own fees, depending on their size, the number of staff they have, their overheads etc.  

They will set their own advertising prices for your campaign based on the costs of the campaign plus management costs. Agencies that have large offices in the center of London will charge a lot more than a smaller company in Nottingham mainly because of their running costs.  

This does not mean that the campaign will be better or more successful, just that the staff get better pay and the directors have nicer houses.

It is wise to shop around, as you may well find an agency charging 70% less that can produce better results quicker.  

As any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best advertising agency, for the lowest price.

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