What Is Advertising?

What Is Advertising?So What Is Advertising All About?

What is advertising all about?  

Companies have been advertising to us for centuries, sometimes obviously, sometimes subtly.

The History

Advertising is as old as the hills.  It can be traced back to 4000BC when the Egyptians made sales posters on papyrus.  Going through to the present day many cultures (the Romans, Indians, Early Americans) have used promotion from rock art to papyrus found in Pompeii.

It is only really in the last couple of centuries that advertising (in its common form) has really taken hold of society and shaped our culture.  In many ways that taught us what is advertising today.

The Effects Of Promotion

All humans are affected by advertising, and this is normally subconsciously.

It shapes our world and our way of thinking whether we like it or not it has always been there and will remain for a long time to come.  From the many different forms of advertising there are, they are only growing.

Every day we are bombarded by adverts from the radio, TV, billboards, internet and even people we pass in the street are wearing clothes that have subtle adverts for brands.

Does Advertising Work?

Indeed it does work.  Whether directly or indirectly it is shaping our world and minds.  Global companies have very well thoughts out marketing campaigns that can influence our thinking and actions.

From the McDonalds whistle, to Boursin advert (du pain, du vin, du boursin).

If we smell something, it could bring to mind an advert we saw.  If we hear a song, it could be linked to a car advert we remember from the night before.  What is promotion doing to you?

Different Kinds Of Adverts

They come in many different shapes and types, both online and offline.  Many of us when we think of advertising, we think of the TV and the adverts that are played between programs.  However the mediums stretch wider than just television to cover radio, magazines, the internet (PPC advertising) and national media channels.

All advertising agencies are different and are skilled in looking at a business and suggesting the medium that is most appropriate and likely to cause the best results.

As ad companies differ, all advertising costs will differ based on the agency and the form of promotion that is selected – so it is worth looking at different agencies for prices.

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