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Advertising for price comparison sites is not all online.  Many use TV advertising, radio and even billboards.  However, choosing an agency is difficult, due to the sheer number there are in the UK.    

That is where come in, to help you get quotes from promotional agencies that understand the comparing sector.

Just fill in the form and we will get 5 local advertising agencies to put some advice and quotes together for you to review.

Over the last 10 years price reduction has been becoming more and more plentiful, with new sites springing up for anything and everything.

Services, goods, alcohol, holidays, insurance, comparison sites do appear to be the answer to what a lot of people are looking for.

 In the good old days, the frustration was going through everyone listed in yellow pages.  Today it is going through endless websites.  The problem is still the same, it all takes time.

As the UK is facing bankruptcy, businesses and individuals are trying to save money in all areas of life,.  PCW can help them do just that without the need to invest time and energy researching.

Marketing Ideas

Almost all price comparison sites promote themselves and most spend vast sums on their marketing programs. is one of many that spend considerably on Google Adwords, not to mention TV advertising.

Most websites use a variety of promotional methods in order to boost their brand awareness and image.

  • TV Promotion

TV has to be one of the primary forms of marketing that is used by the majority of websites.  Across almost all TV channels right throughout the day ‘PCS’ are promoting their cost cutting services to UK individuals.

As most adverts are aimed at car insurance, mobile phones or home insurance, the adverts are hitting their mark.  This makes TV advertising a very effective advertising medium for price comparison.

  • Radio Adverts

Radio is another popular form of advertising that is used by comparison sites. 

Like TV adverts most radio listeners will fall into the audience that may use these websites and therefore the adverts that run (no matter which radio station and what time of day) will have a targeted audience. 

As radio advertising is cheaper than TV, it makes it an effective form of marketing.

  • Public Relations

Public relations plays a key role in the marketing and promotional campaigns of websites. As it ties together the various forms of marketing to ensure that the right media message is being sent out. 

Most comparison sites will use an internal source for PR rather than outsourcing this to PR agencies.

  • Social Media

All price comparison websites have a very strong social media presence on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter as they compete

The Future Of Advertising For Price Comparison Sites

The UK seems to like its price comparison sites, as most of us will use them instead of going to individual companies and get individual quotes one at a time. 

The future looks good and as far as marketing goes, it is getting louder and stronger.

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