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Website Design For Pay Day Loan SitesThere Are Many Different Types Of Advertising Available

There are many different sorts of advertising available.  Advertising is a marketing discipline in it’s own right involving ‘traditional forms of advertising’ targeting mainly consumers.  

Even during the wartime advertising has been going on for a range of products.  There are also more modern forms of advertising, which diversify the marketing mix to businesses.

Traditional forms are all off-line based (as the internet is relatively new) and would involve the following:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • National Media
  • Local Media & Newspapers
  • Outdoor

These are the different sorts of advertising classed as ‘traditional advertising’ which still very effective.  

The most powerful form of advertising is TV advertising, which is just as targeted as many modern forms of advertising.

What Is The Best Form Of Advertising?

Depending on the sort of company you are and what it is that you are looking to do, different forms of advertising would be appropriate for you to use. 

Depending on your budget your exposure could be massive, as these traditional forms of marketing are aimed for consumers and in mass volume.

Modern Advertising

There are different sorts of promotion which are classed as more ‘modern’ advertising.

  • Social Media – Social media marketing bas been around for about 10 years now.  Using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.  The advertising campaign can be targeted to gender, age, industry sector, job positions etc.
  • Internet Advertising – Internet advertising is called PPC advertising.  This has been around for around 20 years now, and is how the search engines such as Google and Bing are funded.
  • E-mail Marketing – E-mail marketing has been popular since e-mail first started.  There are e-marketing companies that can handle millions of e-mails using platforms like MailChimp.

Adding these to the different sorts of advertising that historically existed gives a diverse toolbox for businesses.

How To Find An Agency?

There are a lot of ad agencies in the UK that have close relationships to media contacts, so it would advised to look at different advertising agencies to see what they can offer.  

Many of these do cover modern forms of advertising such as social media.

How Much Does Advertising Cost?

Advertising costs would be based on a couple of factors: The rates that the agency are charging (for managing the campaign) and the cost of the medium you opt for (radio, TV etc.). 

Advertising prices will vary from agency to agency, so it is advised to get some quotes from different firms to compare.  Selecting the correct different sorts of advertising that is right for your business.

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