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Radio advertising for taxis is becoming more and more popular as the taxi industry continues to grow. The problem is finding the right agency, as there are hundreds of advertising agencies in the UK.  

We do advise using agencies that have done advertising for taxis in the past.

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Does It Work?

It is a well grounded and effective marketing tool that has been around for many decades now.

Most taxi companies do seek to advertise locally on stations like Classic FM, to people within a 5-10 mile radius of their offices.  Therefore radio advertising is a very powerful marketing tool as it can be target locally.

Having a memorable or a tuneful advert will build brand awaerness and make people smile.  

Having a phone number that is easily remembered will ensure that people should recall it to mind should the need for using a taxi arise.  

Having an app to download should make booking a taxi easier.

Choosing An Agency

There are many advertising agencies around the UK that can handle this kind of campaign.  

However it is wise to use one that has worked with companies in this market historically.  If they have done radio advertising for taxis before, they should be able to handle your campaign.  

Taxi companies are different to many other kinds of businesses that may advertise on the radio.  

Companies like double glazing companies, plumbers, funeral homes, driving instructors, national insurance, pubs etc.  

Therefore using an agency that knows about marketing for taxis will be helpful (if anything logical).

As radio advertising is kept local, it is wise to choose a local agency, as opposed to one that is hundreds of miles away.  

They will know the local stations to talk to and be able to manage the campaign closer than an agency that is not local.

Compare Costs

Advertising on radio is not cheap and is difficult to measure in terms of return on investment.   For this reason, choosing an agency that has worked with companies like yours before is important.  

Choosing someone that has done radio advertising for taxis before should get you better results.  

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