PR For Ice Cream Companies

PR For Ice Cream CompaniesPR For Ice Cream

PR for ice cream companies is essential in this vastly competitive and growing market.  The issue is finding a PR agency that is experienced, as there are thousands in the UK all with different experience.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have done PR for ice cream companies in the past.  To know the ice cream sector, particularly food and beverage marketing will really add to your campaign.

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This sector is doing well in the UK, and with new ice cream parlours opening up, the industry is ‘cool’.

Many farms are now offering ice cream as a by-product to their normal farming products, as a way of diversifying their product range.

The UK loves it, with sales predicted of £814m in 2012.  Even though ice cream is traditionally a summer treat, it is eaten around the year across hotels, cinemas and restaurants.  Popular even in winter, especially at Christmas, it is with us all year round.

The industry however is very competitive and therefore the media does need to be used in promotion and marketing.

Ice Cream Companies

There is a wide diversity of popular companies in the UK, but the brands we all recognise would be:

  • Walls Ice Cream
  • Ben & Jerries
  • Haagen Dazs
  • Mackies of Scotland
  • Carte D’or (owned by Walls)

The industry is growing with new brands coming into the supermarkets, local companies making their mark in the community, and slowly moving into our shops and restaurants.

Industry Media Coverage

Public relations is a powerful marketing tool that is used by many sector companies, small and large, both to promote new products and to reinforce the existing brand.  PR for ice cream companies needs to be focused on industry media outlets.

Top ice cream companies have their public relations teams working on various campaigns throughout the year.  It is common for the larger companies to use internal media resources, but sometimes they will consult external PR agencies for occasional media projects.

Choosing The Right Agency

It is advisable to talk to PR companies that know the ice cream industry, already have experience of how the sector works and of  how the media circles function in the industry.  But most importantly, have established media contacts in the sector.  

It is pointless an ice cream company talking to an agency that has a strong background in PR for vets.

Compare Prices

Finding a good agency with relevant experience is important, but price is also important.  As there are such a wide range of companies in the UK PR prices do vary, so obtaining advice and quotes from a number of providers is important.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you get the best PR agency for the lowest price possible.  Public relations companies can really help your business, let us show you how.

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