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PR for ready meals is becoming more popular as ready meals are increasing in popularity.  

The difficulty is finding the right PR agency, as there are hundreds of public relations companies to choose from.  

We always advise talking with public relations agencies that have experience in the food industry.  Agencies that have done PR for ready meals in the past.

Just fill in the form to talk with PR agencies that have experience in the food industry.

Ready Meal Industry

The industry is one that operates very much behind the scenes; one that for many people goes unnoticed despite being all around them most days.  There is a wide number of areas in which they will effect our lives:

  • In Supermarkets
  • In Aircraft
  • For The Armed Forces
  • In Hospitals
  • For Camping
  • Ready Meals For Emergency Services (police/fire etc.)

The quality of has improved massively over the past few years making them tasty, nutritious and simple.

New companies like Hello Fresh have tapped into the healthy fresh angle.

Marketing Priorities

The ready meal sector has a check list of things that they need to stick to when creating their products for the above market sectors:

  • Taste – they need to be tasty.
  • Nutrition – they have to be nutritious, especially for the armed forces.
  • Calories – keeping these carefully under control (high for armed forces, low for children).
  • Simplicity – they need to be simple and quick to prepare
  • Cost – costs per serving need to be as low as possible without cutting quality

Getting the balance is difficult, but the quality of ready meals has improved since they appeared back in the 1980’s.

Media Coverage

Media coverage is very important, in raising awareness to customers. 

The ready meal industry is one that is active; making a big noise in the wider world.  Marketing campaigns are targeted and focused on customers.

The ready meal industry focus on consumers.  TV advertising for ready meals is very popular, marketing to both children and adults.  

PR for ready meals is very popular and growing more so.

There are a number of PR agencies that work in the food sector and specifically with food companies, many part of the CIPR

It is wise for sector companies to work with an agency that knows the food industry.  For them to know how the media works and has connections in the industry in order to get the best results.

Shop Around And Compare Quotes

It is very wise to shop around and compare PR prices.  All PR agencies are different and have different fees and costs.  

Depending on their overheads, their staff costs, their profit margins; so receive advice and compare quotes today to avoid overspending.  

As a price comparison website, we want to help you find the best PR agency for the lowest price.  PR for ready meals can be very effective, let us show you how.

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