Food And Beverage Exhibitions 2011

Food And Beverage Exhibitions 2011Food And Beverage Exhibitions

There are a wide range of food and beverage exhibitions on around the UK ranging from organic foods, soft drinks, beers etc.

The events industry has struggled in recent years due to the growth of the internet (making it cheaper to look at new products for free).  But also the cost of exhibiting during times of recession is higher than it once was.

The planned food and beverage exhibitions during 2001-12 are as follows:

  • The New Forest Show (July in Brockenhurst)
  • The Great British Beer Festival (August in London)
  • Anglesey Country Show (August in Anglesey)
  • Edenbridge Country Show (August in Lingfield)
  • Suffolk Autumn Garden Show (August in Ipswich)
  • Chatsworth Country Fair (August in Bakewell)
  • Dorset Country Show (September in Dorchester)
  • Specialty and Fine Food Fair (September in London)
  • The EDP Bidwells Norfolk Food Festival (October in Norfolk)
  • South Of England Autumn Game Fair (October in Ardingly)
  • The Restaurant Show (October in London)
  • Robin Hood Game and Country Show (October in Newark)
  • Newark Festive Gift and Food Show (October in Newark)
  • Craft and Food Show (November in Esher)
  • Masterchef Live (November in London)
  • Norfolk Festive Food and Gift Show 2011 (November in Norwich)
  • AGRISCOT 2011 (November in Edinburgh)
  • Mary Howard Christmas Fair (November in York
  • Leeds Caribbean Christmas Fair (November in Leeds)
  • Taste Of Christmas (December in London)
  • London Caribbean Christmas Fair (December in London)
  • Festive Food and Drink Fayre (December in Ardingly)
  • Hotelympia (February 2012 in London)

Food and drink are two things that will never really be effected by recession in the same way as sectors such as finance, automotive and construction.  As above there are lots of shows and events occurring right around the UK over the next few months.

Choosing The Right Stand Designer

Whatever sort of food and beverage exhibitions you are attending (a small local fayre or large international exhibition) having the right sort of stand is important. 

There are hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK to choose from, so care needs to be given to selecting one that is local, cost effective and good.  

Stand designers that work in the food industry are wise to talk to.  

One type of stand that is popular (due to it being relatively low cost) is pop up stands.  Small and portable they are very effective despite being small.  

Events play an important roll in marketing for food companies.

Making Your Event A Success

There are many things to consider when attending events, one of the crucial things to consider is the things at the exhibition planning stages (sales and marketing, branded gifts). 

It is unwise to just get a stand and then turn up, marketing needs to be done before and after the event in order to milk the responses for all you can.

For all for and beverage exhibitions, we do suggest comparing prices.  As a price comparison website, we do encourage shopping around.  

All marketing agencies set their own rates, so comparing is very wise.

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