Marketing For The Olympics

Britain was very proud to start marketing for the Olympics back in 2012.  Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the Olympics cost the UK around £9 billion, however the income to the UK (from tourism, spending etc.) is expected to be around £13 billion.

What Can Businesses Do To Market Themselves?

UK businesses can capitalise on the Olympic games.  Not just through modifying their branding and advertising, but to really get involved with interacting with tourists or making special offers to tourists. There are said to be over a million foreign tourists coming into the UK.  If this was at another country, they would certainly capitalise on the marketing of the Olympics.

Were They A Good Idea In Recession?

Britain should be saving money where possible in order to reduce the national debt, however opportunities for ‘investment’ are always a good idea.  The London 2012 Olympics are a great opportunity to ensure that other nations look at the UK and invest in the UK.  So certainly, yes, they are a good idea during recession.

Sports And Marketing For The Olympics

The UK sports industry is worth around £23 billon and this is growing.  Marketing for sports companies is a big area with leading brands such as Reebok and Armour targeting marketing for gyms.  In one way, hosting the olympics was more about public relations, never has a country declined to host the olympics.  Despite the huge cost to the taxpayer, the long term benefits of hosting the London olympics was seen to be a good thing.

Support For Marketing

Whether your business is in some way involved with marketing for the olympics or not, marketing is about communication.  Using an agency that knows your industry is wise, and could save you a lot of money.  For free advice and quotes on marketing, just fill in the form opposite.

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