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There are over 20 website designers in Andover to choose from, ranging from freelancers that work from home, to established agencies.  

We do advise that it is best to work with someone local, so selecting a website design agency in Andover is a wise thing to do.  

There are also a number of web designers in Basingstoke which is just up the M3

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Designers In Andover

Andover has around 20 web designers ranging from freelance designers, up to smaller web design studios.  

This is relatively low when one considers the population of Andover; however, the MOD are the main employers in the town these days.  

There are a few marketing agencies in Andover that offer website design services, along with other marketing services, such as graphic design, advertising and PR, but again not many.

There are hundreds of website designers in Hampshire of all shapes and sizes

Selecting A Creative Agency

Being based in Andover it does make practical sense to work with someone who is in the area; as there are over 20 agencies to choose from, looking outside of Andover should be a backup.  

They do tend to work harder for more local clients, as there is more accountability.  The client if they are not happy they could come knocking, rather than ones that are 400 miles away, and are only spoken to via e-mail.  

Care needs to be taken to select a designer that has worked in your industry in the past, whether these are current clients or historic ones, as they will know the kinds of design that work.  

We have put together 7 tips for choosing a web designer in Andover that can help, which you may find useful.

If you cannot find someone local, there are web designers in Winchester that may be suited.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All agencies are different, all setting their own rates and all in business to make profit; therefore care needs to be taken to shop around and compare quotes.  Web design prices vary considerably.

Some specialise in ‘budget websites’, and some on the higher end site; so selecting the right partner is necessary.

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A Brief Look At The Town

Andover can trace its history back to 950 AD when King Edred set up a hunting lodge; his remains are at Winchester Cathedral.  

It was recorded in the Domesday book in 1086 as having around 500 inhabitants and 107 males.  

During the 18th Century Andover became a stopping point for stagecoaches passing along the Exeter to London Road.

 It was popular with the wool trade, however this dropped off around 1809 to be taken over by engineering.  

Currently Andover has around 50,000 inhabitants and the main industry is the MOD.

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