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There are over 30 website designers in Winchester, many of which are smaller studios and freelancers working from home, with a couple of larger firms. 

The city has around 10 marketing companies that offer web work as part of a wider range of marketing services, such as branding and digital marketing, to businesses that are looking for broader marketing support.  

There are also many web designers in Andover that may be suited should you not find someone local.

Just fill out the form to receive free quotes and advice with no obligation from 5 web design companies in Winchester that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Web Design Agency

Having a good media campaign is also important, should you wish to talk with PR companies in Winchester, they can help.

As with many areas of the UK, there are also many web design companies in Hampshire; choosing the right one can be a difficult process.

  • Do you choose one that is very local?
  • Do you choose one that is cheap?
  • Do you choose one that knows your industry?
  • Do you go with a recommendation?

Consider this, your website is your shop window.  It serves as a way for people around the world to learn about your company, your products and your services. 

For this reason, does it not pay to have a appealing shop window, to be attractive and function smoothly? Indeed for a small investment, people from around the world can see you as being a major player in whatever industry you are in, even if you are a new company.  

A basic website designed to look clean, neat and tidy, which functions well, can work wonders for your conversion rate.

Working with someone local is always better than one that is miles and miles away.  As you can easily meet with them to have important discussions face to face. Getting recommendations is something that many people do.  

However just because a they did a good job for your friend does not mean they will do a good job for you.  They may know nothing about your products or industry, and so are just doing the best they can.  Best to select a local web designer that has designed sites similar to yours.

Compare Web Design Prices

All website design companies in Winchester charge different rates, and by looking around you can see that website design costs vary a lot.

Bare in mind that all companies are in business to make money, to generate profits so that they can buy a new house, a new car or a holiday. 

This is not to say that the cheapest website is the best, but that shopping around is wise. In today’s world, comparing quotes is necessary as companies do charge far to much for their goods and services, certainly Norfolk Police overpaid for their website and did not shop around.

A Few Words about Winchester

It used to be England’s capital city before the Normans moved the capital to London.  

It is situated in the middle of Hampshire in the south of England, and has a population of around 40,000 (according to council statistics).

There are signs of Iron Age settlements and in the 3rd century, defensive stone walls were erected.  

Dorchester-On-Thames was the capital before the transfer in 827 by King Egbert. 

The Saxon street plan still exists today, laid out by Alfred the Great and this in turn was laid over earlier Roman streets, in the preferred Imperial criss-cross design.

Much of the city was destroyed by fire in 1141, and the city declined during the medieval period.

The Cathedral (above) was erected in 1079 and shows fine architecture from the 11th – 16th centuries.

Little of the Castle remains now, but the great hall (dating from the 12th century) still remains, and is said to have King Arthur’s Round Table (sadly dating only from the 13th century) which has the names of the knights at each place setting.

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