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There are over 50 website designers in Brentwood to choose from.  

Many are smaller agencies who work from rented offices, or freelancers who are working from home.

In addition there are around 20 marketing companies that offer a range of services that include design, normally to larger clients in the area.

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All website designers in Brentwood are independent, and all have their own fees based on their overheads, staff costs and profit margins.  It is wise to shop around and compare quotes to ensure you find the best value for money.

Choosing A Creative Agency

For companies in this area, choosing a web design companies in Essex or London is not easy, as there are so many to choose from.  Lots in Brentwood, lots in nearby Chelmsford and thousands of web designers in London; where does one start?

  • Size is something to consider when considering choosing a partner company, as some are better at producing smaller sites than larger ones.  It is logical really, freelancers are more geared to produce more basic websites.  Whereas larger ones can handle complex sites which have hundreds of pages and thousands of users each day.
  • Experience of the agency is also something to consider.  As all web companies in Brentwood do carry different skills and experience.  These days many are choosing to focus on producing sites in specific niche industries.  Banking for example, or leisure, retail or healthcare, so selecting one that deals in your niche will bring benefits.

It is very important to be able to meet regularly with your designer, as you can discuss ideas face to face, have time for troubleshooting and consider all the options.  

A meeting also gives the chance to ensure that the web designer is what they claim on their website, and not just working from their parents’ house.  

There are also many web design companies in Basildon just down the road.

Cost is always going to be a factor, they can cost a few hundred pounds up to hundreds of thousands.

Comparing prices is wise; there are no standard rates.  Choosing a web designer is not just based on price however, chemistry also plays a part as the most expensive agency does not make them the best.

Compare Quotes

With thousands offering ‘stunning sites created by award winning designers‘ it is difficult to find the right agency and avoid over paying them.

No-one minds paying a fair wage for a good days work and indeed paying a little extra for a quality website designer is better than having a cheap website designed.  But comparing quotes is essential in order to find out what the going rate is.

For free advice and to compare web design prices from several local web design companies in Brentwood, just fill in the form above.

A Few Words About Brentwood

This suburban town lies just within the M25 in the north-east of London, but falls just within Essex.

It was first recorded in an Anglo Saxon charter as ‘Breguntford’ which means ‘ford over the River Brent’.

It is thought that Julius Ceaser crossed the Thames here, during his invasion of 54 AD as the tide was lower at this point. Two historic battles were fought here in 1016 & 1042.

The Grand Union Canal passes through Brentwood, and this played an important role as the canals helped with the transport and distribution of goods and produce around England until 1929.

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