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 There are over 50 website designers in Brighton, giving you lots of choice, but who do you choose?  

Just complete the form to receive free quotes and advice from several local website design experts in Brighton without obligation.

Most of the agencies are smaller design studios and freelancers, who may have recently left the university.  

There are around 30 larger web studios that do work with some of the larger companies around the UK.  

There are also around 30 marketing companies in Brighton that do offer website design services along with other varied marketing services, such as graphic design, PR and advertising. 

Selecting a Creative Agency

As there are so many web design companies in Brighton to choose from, it makes sense to select one that is local.  

Rather than one that is in London, Scotland or overseas.  

Working with someone local is always best, as meetings are simple to arrange.

There are several things to consider when selecting website designers in Brighton:

  • Location – working with someone local brings a greater sense of loyalty from the agency
  • Experience – choosing a designer that knows your industry is always best
  • Cost – the cheapest is not the best, but comparing quotes avoids overpaying

Should you need media support, there are many PR companies in Brighton that could be useful to talk with.

For free advice and quotes from several local web design companies in Brighton, just fill in the form.

Brighton At A Glance

It was combined with Hove in 1997 to form ‘Brighton And Hove‘, and is situated on the south coast of England in the county of Sussex.  

In 1514 Brighthelmstone was burned to the ground by the French, and only ‘the lanes’ and part of St Nicholas Church remain of the original town.  

The original settlement of ‘Brighthelmstone ‘ dates from before the Domesday Book of 1086.  But it really came into being in the 18th century, in the same way as Blackpool did, as a resort for ‘sea bathing’.  

In 1780 it took off as the Georgians came to the seaside resort, converting it from a fishing village into a holiday destination.  

George IV construction the ‘Royal Pavilion’ which was bought from the Crown by the town council for £53,000 in 1850.  

It is known for its gay community and student life; the city has over 150,000 residents, including students from the University Of Brighton, and is known for its ‘new media’ companies.

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