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When looking for a new site (or a website re-design) why not get quotes from local website designers in Chester.  

As there are over 20 web design companies in Chester, it makes logical sense to work with someone local.  There are PR agencies in Chester that can also support your website via the media.

Just fill in the form to receive free advice and quotes from several local agencies.

They range from freelancers who work from home, up to smaller web studios that offer more complex and higher spec websites.  

There are also a few larger marketing companies that offer a variety of marketing services, such as design, strategy and development.

One of the benefits of The University Of Chester is that there is new creative talent growing in the city, and new agencies are starting up and offering creative services to local businesses.

Selecting A Partner

For businesses that are based in and around the town, the problem that exists is which web designer to choose?  All are different, all offering different kinds of websites, and all charging different fees.

There is a type of checklist that can be used to ensure that you are selecting the right website agency:

  • Type of site – what kind of website do you need, budget, online shop or news website?
  • Cost – what sort of budget do you have to invest, as some only start at £10,000?
  • Location – working with someone local means you can meet with them and chat face to face
  • Experience – if they know your industry then the chances are they will do a better job
  • Backup – do you need any follow up work on the site once it is created such as SEO, development or updates?

These will have an impact on the kind of designer that is needed and are worth considering before a search for a designer is undertaken.  Having a budget in mind also helps, as website design prices do vary a lot.

The UK has thousands of web design companies around, so it is worth choosing the best one for your business.

All agencies set their own rates, so website design costs do vary considerably.

The Site Is Not The End

No matter what business you are, having a good website is not what it is all about.  

A website needs visitors and for this, you need to consider website optimisation.  

Web optimisation§ is all about getting your website up on search engines like Google and Bing.  A website that has no visitors to it is a waste of money.  

Your website serves a purpose, normally to generate revenue.  For this, choosing a web designer in Chester that knows about search engine optimisation (SEO) is wise.  They can either partner with a local agency, or have the skills themselves.  Always worth asking the question.

For free advice and quotes from several local web design companies in Chester, just fill in the form above.

A Glance Into Chester

Situated in Cheshire, to the very north border of Wales with England, it was an important Roman stronghold, and one of the last places to surrender to Norman rule.  

Throughout the following centuries it was an important city and continued to grow as the Industrial Revolution brought canals and railways to the city.  

The Duke of Westminster still owns much of the land around Chester, and has done for centuries.  

Chester remains an important city for tourism, partly because of its location, but also as it has many historic, scenic and period style areas.  

There is a population of around 77,000 in the city, and around 330,000 in the area.

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