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As the various service industries have grown around Chester, PR agency numbers have grown in the area. 

There are over 15 PR agencies in Chester, ranging from smaller firms  and freelance consultants, up to larger marketing agencies that offer a range of marketing services.  

These involve services such as brochure design, website design and copywriting.  

There are also around 6 PR companies in Chester that target specific industry sectors such as finance and mining.  

There are website designers in Chester that can support your PR campaign via the media, which could be helpful.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from PR agencies in Chester that know your industry sector.

Choosing A Local Marketing Partner

Working with someone local is always best, as it allows the opportunity to have meetings in person.  Many marketing companies tend to shy away from face to face meetings.  As they take up more time than communicating electronically with clients.  This means therefore less profit.  

However it is in your interest to meet up, so as to ensure they understand your business as much as possible.

Finding local PR agencies in Chester with industry experience is also very important.  

An agency that knows your industry will have a better understanding on how your industry works, and how to place you in the media.  Also by looking at their client portfolio should give you a feel for their sector experience.

Do not feel inhibited about asking for contact details or references from clients who they have recently worked for.

Compare Quotes

All PR companies in Chester are unique.  

All have different pricing structures and work in different ways. It is therefore very wise to compare a few local experts to find the average kind of costs for your campaign.

All PR prices will vary depending on the level of PR coverage that is needed, and the kind of agency that is chosen.

An Overview Of Chester

Situated on the River Dee, Chester was founded around 70 AD by the Romans as a strategic outpost.  The Romans built a fortress there, and there are still a lot of ancient remains around the city.  

There are many old buildings, and much of the architecture is unique.  

The black and white buildings, which are something that visitors tend to remember most, were mainly built in Victorian times.

Much of the land is owned by the Duke Of Westminster, who is one of the richest man in the UK.

The local economy is based very much around the service industries, banks, tourism, and retail.  

Chester has a population of around 120,000 (according to the council website) which is growing, thanks in part to Chester University.

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