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There are over 30 website designers in Dover, most of which are freelancers with a few web studios.  

In addition, Dover has a few marketing companies that offer design services along with other marketing activities such as branding, SEO, PR etc. 

As Dover is quite a small town, many website designers in Kent are based closer to the larger cities such as Canterbury and Ashford.  

In addition there are PR agencies in Dover that can help get your website media attention.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local website design experts in Dover.

Choosing A Creative Agency

Working with someone that is local is always better than one closer to London or further into England.  

Most of the design work on a website can be handled via e-mail.

However a visit is very important, if only to check that the designer is what they claim.  Since web designers these days can use ‘virtual offices’, having sites that can project them to be larger than they are; and an agency that you can work with.

Talking with website designers in Dover that know your industry is also good.  

All designers are different and have worked in different market sectors. 

Choosing a web design agency who has already worked in your industry is best.  You can be assured that they know how your market works, know who your competitors are, and know how to position you to get you the best exposure.

Compare Prices

Shopping around and comparing quotes is common these days, as is comparing quotes for anything else.

All web design companies in Dover charge different fees for their work as there are no industry set rates.  As all are in business to generate profit there is the need to compare quotes to avoid overpaying by thousands of pounds.  Web design prices vary from agency to agency.

If you need a basic website designed, then freelancers or smaller web designers will be the ones to compare.

If you need a more corporate website or an e-commerce website set up, then larger designers with plenty of in-house facilities will be the ones to obtain quotes from.

A Few Words About The Town

Dover is to be found on the coast of the county of Kent, and has a population of around 30,000. Its name is derived from the River Dour.  

The white cliffs gave Britain its ancient name ‘Albion’ and the Romans called Dover ‘Porte Dubris’.

The town has history traced back to the Stone Age, and due to the close proximity to France, it has always had military ties. 

The Normans mentioned Dover quite a lot in the Domesday Book of 1068 due to these stategic links. Dover Castle was built by the Normans in the 12th Century and still remains a fine example of England’s strength and resolve.

The port was a major target during both World Wars.  

The famous White Cliffs have many caves and bunkers that were used for communication, radar and strategy by the War Office. Dovers main industries these days are tourism, transport and shipping.

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