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At Marketing Quotes, we understand that a good web design agency is critical when it comes to making a great first impression and creating a website that consumers want to use and can trust. This is why we’ve made it quick and easy for you to compare five free quotes from top web design agencies in close proximity to you. All you need to do is fill out a quick form stating your preferences and then sit back and let us do the leg work for you.

If you’re looking for more information on web design agencies, why not read our helpful information below?

What is web design?

We often hear people say that web design is simply how your website looks but it’s actually a lot more than that deciding on colours and font. While a visual spark is important, web design also focuses on how quickly users can find the information they are looking for. If it’s fast and easy, you’re giving potential customers a good reason to stay on your website and to use your service.

A good web designer will ensure that every web page is organised well, and in a form that’s consistent so that people can navigate effortlessly. The information on these web pages should also be displayed in an interesting and engaging way. Chunks of text or an overload of imagery will drive people away.


Why is web design important?

The digital revolution means more people are making the internet their number one resource for when they need information, products or services. However, having a poor website can cause people to leave straight away and find a competitor site that is better in terms of areas such as navigation, content display, loading time, clearly defined call to actions etc.

To be able to get people interested in your business and to use your services, you need to approach them with a user-friendly site which ticks all their needs as a consumer. It’s your website’s design that can determine whether people convert, or leave and use a competitor instead. That’s why it is important to compare a number of web design agencies, to see what each can offer you and find one which is the best fit for your business.


What is the difference between website design and website development?

At first glance, you’d think both of these terms were the same but it’s important to know that there are differences.

Website design agencies are more focussed on what your potential and existing customers see when they arrive at your website. They consider many aspects such as design, structure, loading time, call to actions, image placement and layout. They want your site to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly.

For website development agencies, their main priority is to ensure that the coding and programming of your website is set up correctly and that it functions smoothly. They are more technical in nature than web designers and form the backbone of websites’ structure.

Many agencies have both web designers and web developers but it’s also wise to check if you require both services. If it is website development agencies that you’re after, visit our page here.


Can’t I just hire a web design freelancer as opposed to hiring a web design agency?

Many businesses are attracted to the option of hiring freelance web designers in order to reduce cost but freelancers often lack the technology and support that a professional agency would have. There have been cases where businesses hiring a freelancer aren’t happy and have to start all over again, wasting time, money and energy.

With a web design agency, you can expect high quality work, adherence to deadlines, a dedicated team and long-term assistance if needed. As your website reflects your business, you’d only want to trust it with the best.


5 things to ask when comparing web design agencies:

  1. What do you think of my site right now and what do you think needs urgent improvement?
  2. Can you tell me the process you take when it comes to a web design project?
  3. How do you measure results of the work you do? Will you be able to publish and verify these results with me?
  4. Do you have a portfolio I can look at along with client testimonials?
  5. Do you offer additional services such as web development and SEO?

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