Advertising During The Recession

Advertising During Tough Economic TimesAdvertising During The Recession

Advertising for many businesses has always been challenging.  

Advertising during the recession is even more so.  

This is where Marketing Quotes tries to help.  

By giving you advice, as all price comparison websites do, help you compare prices on advertising during the recession.

If you are looking for help with advertising during the recession, why not talk to advertising agencies that know about combatting economic times. 

During The Economic Downturn

The UK has seen a tough few years, as many businesses close due to falling trade and rising costs.

This has certainly been the case in the retail industry as shops see their rents go up, their rates go up but their sales go down.  

As internet shopping has grown and retail competition has grown, surviving in the retail industry has been a dog eat dog game.

However considering the global spend on advertising over the last few years, things have remained very much unchanged.  

If anything the spend on advertising has only increased across mediums such as TV advertising, advertising at cinemas, radio advertising etc.

Advice From Ad Companies

Advertising companies are always going to advise that marketing is the best way to generate exposure, as they have an interest in you spending money.

However marketing does generate exposure. TV advertising has become more accessible to smaller businesses, but TV advertising is more for brand marketing than direct selling.

For any business, marketing during the recession is a risky business, as everyone is desperate for work and client confidence is low.  However only the strong businesses survive.  

The ones that have a good marketing message will be the ones to stand out in the crowd.  Advertising during the recession does not have to be expensive, just cunning.

Being Creative

During times of recession, businesses need to be creative.  

Companies like Primark do really well, as they buy cheap and sell cheap.  However not all businesses are like this.  But, a lesson can be learned.  

  • What sectors are you targeting?  
  • Can you target the more budget market?
  • Consider advertising prices, where can you go to get a cheaper deal?
  • By shopping around and comparing quotes, you can find cheaper advertising agencies.  

Advertising during the recession does not have to be a struggle, but an opportunity.

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