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Advertising is very important as the pet care industry expands in the UK.  

The difficulty is finding the right agency to handle the campaign, as there are so many around the UK.  

We always advise using an agency that has done advertising for pet care companies in the past.  

Advertising plays an important roll in marketing for pet companies.

If your pet business needs help with advertising, then just fill in the form opposite.  

We will get you quotes and ideas from marketing companies that have experience in the pet care industry.

What Are The Options?

Marketing for pet businesses is essential.  

Most industry businesses are targeting locally, rather than targeting their marketing nationally or internationally.  

National companies like Pets At Home do national campaigns.  

Smaller companies such as fisheries, target local people that can drive in and purchase their pets or services.

For this reason advertising for pet care companies needs to be done on a local level.

  • Local press – By using local papers, local magazines, local radio, people in a 20 – 50 min radius should find out about the pet company and if there is an interest, visit and browse.
  • Public Relations – Using a local PR agency can help get articles and stories into the local media, especially if the agency has experience in working with pets.
  • Web Marketing – Even though the internet is global, search results are often localised, so that search results and adverts are linked into the searchers IP address.

Choosing An Agency

There are thousands of advertising agencies around the UK.  

It is advised to talk to one that has experience of marketing in the pet industry.  As they should be able to get better results than an agency that is an expert in another market industry (or another market sector).

 Advertising for pet care companies needs industry knowledge in order to work efficiently.

Compare Advertising Quotes

All marketing agencies are independent companies and therefore marketing prices will vary significantly.

Advertising does not have to be expensive if you shop around.

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