Marketing For Pet Companies

Marketing For Pet CompaniesDid Your Pet Business Need Any Marketing Support?

Marketing for pet companies is very important, as the industry continues to grow and expand.  

The problem however is finding the right marketing agency, as there are hundreds in the UK.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing marketing for pet companies.

Just fill in the form to talk to 5 local marketing agencies that have experience in the animal and pet industries.

UK Pet Industry

The pet industry in the UK mainly revolves around dogs and cats.  However there are lots of other sorts of animals that people purchase both domestic and exotic.  

Fish, hamsters, birds, rabbits and of course cold blooded animals like snakes and iguanas. With the growth of the pet industry the sub sector market has boomed.  

Pets at Home is the go-to place for most of us these days.

Covering a whole multitude of different spin-off business areas for pet care:

  • Pet Sales
  • Toys
  • Pet Food
  • Training
  • Grooming / pampering / walking
  • Pet Clothes
  • Holiday homes

Most of these businesses are new startup companies and are expanding well based on the growing trends.

There is an organisation called ‘The Pet Business Link.  

This was set up to help companies specifically in the pet industry (and related industries) to develop their marketing, grow their pet companies and support the industry.  

This is a commercial company, not a free service or government service.  Advertising for pet companies is important.

The.main thing companies in this sector consider is the animal welfare.

How Do You Market Yourself?

Pet companies can use a wide variety of ways to market and advertise their services.  

However care needs to be given to which form of marketing is used.

Aquatics and garden ponds have always been popular in the UK and as the climate steadily gets warmer, so too are more homeowners starting to get ponds set up.  

This has fuelled more and more aquatics companies setting up and providing fish and pond accessories to homeowners. 

Aquatics companies tend to situate themselves next to garden centres.  As the two kind of go hand in hand and the location of the garden centre helps the marketing of the aquatics center.

We are all used to seeing pet stores around our towns and cities which in themselves are a good place for companies (training, grooming etc.) to market themselves.

A Dynamic Website

It is essential for you to have a website, and with technology moving quickly, it needs to be dynamic.  Using website designers to help design and produce a website is simple to do.  

However we would advise using a designer that is experienced in designing websites for pet companies.  

If you have an aquatics business, why not use a web designer that has worked with other aquatics companies?  They should have a better idea of what your website should look like, and the message it communicates.

Online Marketing

Once you have your website set up, you then need to think about how to promote it.  

SEO is all about where your website is found on search engines.  As with website design, we do advise using someone that is industry experienced.  

SEO for pet companies is important and using someone that has worked in the sector is just as important.

As the industry is so busy, additional promotion may be needed.  

PPC advertising is a quick way for you to appear on search engines for your chosen search phrases.  Again, as there are so many PPC agencies in the UK, choosing one that has done PPC for pet companies is wise.

Online marketing for pet companies is very important as most people turn to the internet when looking for a pet service (dog walker, pet food, medicines etc.).

Social networking sites such as Facebook can work really well with pet care products.  As they are more about social marketing as opposed to business promotion (like TV advertising or radio).

Advertising For Pet Companies

Another medium that will be effective with promoting products is local advertising (newspapers etc.).  Certainly if you have a pet business that works locally (grooming, training) as you can effectively reach a local audience.  

Radio advertising on a local station may also work quite well.  

Particularly if you have a song of theme. Advertising for pet companies can be a great way to get your name into the industry and get your brand known.  

Whether you are a large company (like Pets At Home) or a smaller more local store, just let us know if we can help you with any advice or support by filling in the form.

Compare Multiple Quotes

One thing to bear in mind is that marketing prices vary considerably.  All marketing agencies are private companies and therefore set their own fees.  

As a price comparison website, we want to see you get the best marketing agency, for the best price.  Marketing for pet companies does not have to be expensive, but do compare quotes.

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