Enhance Your Stand

Enhance Your StandHow To Enhance You Exhibition Stand

There are many ways to enhance your stand, whether you are exhibiting at the NEC at a global event, or a small one locally.

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to promote your brand.

The problem with exhibitions, is that you are one of many exhibitors in a hall.  

It is necessary to look at ways to enhance your stand.  To make you stand out among your competition.

Certainly at large events, your company may be one of hundreds, so how do you stand out?

Depending on where you are located will effect the foot fall you receive.  

Events organisers know this, so will charge you more for premium spots (near to the entrance of the event, or near to the restaurant.

So without paying over the odds, how do you ensure that you are noticed and get traffic without paying top price?


Why not have some music on your stand?

You may need to check with the events organisers as to what they will allow.  

There may be rules with regards to volume and type of music.  Imagine if everyone had music blaring out of their stands, all different tracks battling to be the one that is in pole position.


This is something you probably do not need to get the green light with.  

Lights (spotlights, laser strobes) are great for catching attention from people a long way off.

Lights are fairly affordable and can ensure you are noticed by creating an atmosphere of excitement.

Height To Enhance Your Stand

The physical size of your display will ensure it gets noticed.  A small one that is overshadowed can be easily missed.  

If yours is the highest and most dominant – it will command attention and visitors will be intrigued.  

A good way to enhance your stand is to build height to it.

Some events do have a maximum size – so it is worth checking before hand.

Models To Really Enhance Your Stand

Having beautiful people on your floorspace will make you stand out for sure.  

When you have attractive people smiling and being friendly, this will create more impact than one with an unshaven engineer reeking of cigarettes and coffee.

Models can be hired from agencies right around the country and based on the impact they can create are well worth considering.

Plan Your Event

Exhibition success is due mainly to planing and preparation.

By sitting down and thinking, and making some basic decisions (like getting height, or hiring a model) your event could be average, or a raving success.

Exhibition stand designers are very experienced in events, particularly in how to enhance your stand.  

But it is worth asking about the above factors to see what they advise for your particular event.

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