Antiques Exhibitions 2011

Antiques Exhibitions 2011Antiques Events And Exhibitions

Antiques exhibitions are a great opportunity for marketing and promotion.  

Two things need to be considered, which of the antiques exhibitions to attend, and which stand designer to select.

The antiques industry has become more and more popular thanks to TV programs such as ‘cash in the attic’ and ‘antiques roadshow’.  

With more people starting to collect antiques and find those hidden gems that have been stored away for decades.

There are many antiques exhibitions occurring around the UK over 2011-12 many at the NEC:

  • PBFA Exeter (July in Exeter)
  • Cressing Antiques And Fine Art Fair (August in Essex)
  • PBFA Forfar (August In Forfar)
  • PBFA Ballater(August In Scotland)
  • PBFA Bradford On Avon (August in Wiltshire)
  • Bowmans Antiques Fair (August in Stafford)
  • PBFA Bakewell (August in Bakewell)
  • PBFA Edinburgh (August in Edinburgh)
  • Antiques & Collectables Fair (August in Elsecar)
  • PBFA Wilton (August in Salisbury)
  • PBFA Macclesfield (August in Macclesfield)
  • PBFA Strafrord On Avon (August in Warwickshire)
  • The International Antiques Fair Of Wales (September in Wales)
  • Antiques and Collectors Fair (September in Maidstone)
  • PBFA Dartmoor (September in Tavistock)
  • Dools House and Minitures Fair (September in Epsom)
  • Toy, Train and Dolls Fair (September in Elsecar)
  • Petersfield Antiques Fair (September in Petersfield)
  • PBFA York National (September in York)
  • International Collectable Fair (Septmber in Elsecar)
  • The Tatton Part Aniques and Fine Art Fair (September in Knutsford)
  • PBFA Linchfield (September in Linchfield)
  • PBFA Hungerford (September in Hungerford)
  • PBFA Bloomsbury (September in Bloomsbury)
  • Antiques Collectrors 20th Century and Art Deco Fair (September in London)
  • Dolls House and Miniture Fair (September in Thombury)
  • Epsom Fairs (September in Epsom)
  • Chelsea Antiques Fair (September in London)
  • Towcester Aniques Fair (September in Towcester)
  • PBFA Stamford (September in Lincolnshire)
  • Cambridge Glass Fair (September in Cambridge)
  • Antiques and Flea Market (September in Wales)
  • Bowman Antiques Fair (September in Stafford)
  • Peterborough Festival Of Antiques (September in Peterborough)
  • PBFA Dublin (October in Dublin)
  • PBFA Cirencester (October in Cirencester)
  • Dolls House and Miniture Fair (October in Newbury)
  • The Esher Fine Arts and Antiques Fair (October in Esher)
  • PBFA Bury St Edmonds (October in Bury St Edmonds)
  • PBFA Sherbourne (October in Sherbourne)
  • PBFA London (October in London)
  • Dolls House and Minitures Fair (October in Hampshire)
  • PBFA Bath (October in Bath)
  • Epsom Fairs (October in Epsom)
  • Chester Antiques and Fine Arts Show (October in Chester)
  • PBFA Birmingham (October in Birmhingham)
  • PBFA Edinburgh (October in Edinburgh)
  • PBFA Folkstone (October in Folkstone)
  • SE21 (October in London)
  • Dolls House and Minitures Fair (October in London)
  • Antiques For Everyone (October in Birmingham)
  • PBFA Aberdeen (October in Aberdeen)
  • PBFA Lyme Regis (October in Lyme Regis)
  • PBFA Uppingham (October in Rutland)
  • Antiques and Collectors Fair (October in Maidstone)
  • PBFA Essex (October in Essex)
  • Dolls House and Minitures Fair (October in Exeter)
  • Devon County Antiques Fair (November in Devon)
  • Bowman Antiques Fair (November in Harrogate)
  • PBFA Fine Press (November in Oxford)
  • PBFA Haydock (November in Mersyside)
  • PBFE Cotehele (November in Cornwall)
  • PBFA Surrey Military Fair (November in Deepcut)
  • National Glass Fair (November in Midlands)
  • PBFA London (November in London)
  • Epsom Fairs (November in Epsom)
  • The Powderham Castle Antiques and Fine Arts Fair (November in Exeter)
  • Wood Green Antique and Collector Fair (November in London)
  • PBFA Dorchester (November in Dorchester)
  • Antiques, Collectors, 20th Century & Art Deco Fair (November in London)
  • Dolls House and Minitures Fair (November in Subury)
  • Carmarthen Aniques Fair (November in Carmarthen)
  • PBFA Northampton (November in Northampton)
  • PBFA Performing Arts (November in London)
  • York Autumn Dolls and Minitures Fair (November in York)
  • The Pavilions of Harrogate Antiques & Fine Art Fair (December in Harrogate)
  • PBFA Norwich (December in Norwich)
  • Epsom Fairs (December in Epsom)
  • Bowman Antiques Fair (December in Stafford)
  • PBFA Edinburgh (December in Edinburgh
  • PBFA Ribble Valley (December in Clitheroe)
  • PBFA London (December in London)
  • PBFA Exeter (December in Exeter)
  • Antiques and Flea Market (December in Wales)
  • Art Deco (December in Woking)
  • Devon County Antiques Fair (December in Exeter)
  • Antiques Fair (January in London)

As above there are a wide number of antiques exhibitions through the UK at a wide range of venues. 

If you are attending any of the events and need help with getting a stand designed by exhibition stand designers.  Just pop some details into the form opposite for some free advice and quotes.

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