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Exhibition Stand TypesDifferent Types Of Exhibition Stands

There are a variety of exhibition stand types available, from a simple pop up stand to a massive custom built stand..  

Within the world of events and exhibitions, there are different types of stands, which can be used.  Depending on the event you are attending and the audience that are going will give you the option and choice.

Generally if you are a smaller company, and want to have a presence at an event, then you would opt for a smaller floor space and a basic looking stand.

If you are due to attend an event or conference, and just want to have a presence there something small and visual is good.

If you have a massive event coming up with thousands of visitors and all your customers are going to be there, then you may need a massive stand.  

An event stand with audio, lighting, a bar, meeting facilities, games area, playground (for the sales people).

Choosing the right exhibition stand types it important.  Even if budgets are tight, the event is expensive, you need to ensure that you are giving your company the best chances of ROI.

What Exhibition Stand Types Are There?

There are four different types of stand available, ranging in uses and prices

  • Pop Up Stands

These are great for very small events, conferences or meetings. 

They are light, portable and simple to assemble. 

They pop up (as the name suggests) and pop back.  Pop up stands can be purchased from around £50 up to around £1000 depending on graphics and designs.

  • Shell Scheme Stands

These are the next ‘tier’ up from a pop up.  They (as the name suggests) consists of an aluminium shell, which can be assembled quickly and graphics panels (which are velcro backed to attach to the shell). 

Shell schemes are great for medium sized events or events that take up a small amount of space (and a budget to work to).  

They can range from around £500 – £1000; but it is always good to shop around and get quotes.

  • Modular Stands

These are the next up from a shell scheme. 

They are not really portable but are designed for larger events whereby you do want to be noticed.  A designer would need to design it and either store it for you (to be delivered to the event//events you have coming up and assembled.  

Modular display stands are aimed for companies that are due to attend a few events throughout the year. 

They do vary in price from around £4,000 – £20,000 depending on what extras you want incorporated (plasma TV’s, seating, lighting). 

It is advised to shop around for quotes, as the prices will vary a lot from each designer.

  • Custom Stands

These ones are the top choice that are available and are intended for main events. 

It could be anything from a single storey to a double decker that covers the floor space of a tennis court.  They can be as elaborate as you want.  

They can incorporate restaurants, cars, swimming pools, computer games areas or anything at all.  A designer would sit down with you and draw up a plan of what you would want it to look like, and design it to your specifications.

Custom build stands can vary massively in price from £20,000 up to £500,000 depending on how grand you want the stand to be.

It is highly advised to compare exhibition stand design quotes for these.

Whether you are exhibiting at the NEC in Birmingham, or a small conference centre in Bedford, exhibition stand types need to reflect the event.

Why Not Hire?

Another option is exhibition stand hire, which is a lot cheaper than paying out for a stand.  If you are only going to be doing a single event, then hiring a stand is a much better and cheaper option.

Biggest Is The Best

Have you ever been to an event and there is one exhibition stand that is dominating the event?

A 3 story village, with a pub, a church, a shop, a post office.  There is even a signpost in the centre directing you around the village.

There is music playing and even artificial snow!

People are flocking to this stand and everyone is smiling and having a good time.

It does not matter what company is hosting this experience, the biggest exhibition stand is always the best.

You would most likely find this company is a global player, someone like Sony or Shell, a company that has plenty of money to invest into something very innovative.

Which Stand To Choose

Depending on the event you are due to attend, and the sort of foot flow you are expecting would dictate the exhibition stand types need. 

If you are attending a small event in the back of beyond, you do not need to spend hundreds of thousands on a stand, something basic will do just fine.

If you are attending a global event at the NEC and that event is likely to draw in hundreds of thousands of people over the course of a few days, then something elaborate is needed.  You want your stand, your brand to make an impact and be remembered for years to come.

The main thing would be choosing the right  designer to produce it for you.  Choosing the right stand designer will help in guiding you, help with planning, preparation and set-up of the event.

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