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Exhibition Advice - The Follow UpThe Follow Up After An Exhibition

Success after an exhibition is where the real success is. When the event has finished, the customers have gone and the buzz has died down.  

The energy of the computer games, the music, the models, it has all become a memory and all there is now is a lot of students with all your promotional gifts at the event.  

You spent a lot of money at the NEC and on your stand. However, this is when the real marketing really starts.  Success after an exhibition is where it starts.  

People came to your stand, you swapped business cards.  You swiped their name badge with the electronic pen that you had (we hope); so you know who they are, where they live.

Now is the time to start with your event follow up.  People will remember the event (at least for a couple of days).

  • Send an e-mail

A quick e-mail (can be automated) to thank them for visiting you and taking part will be a nice way to relight the fire of interest.  If you had a competition you can post the results with a score board section on your website.  Normally sending an e-mail 2-3 days after the event is prudent.

Great – they are on your website, multiply this by a couple of thousand and you have re-captured your event visitors.  Success after an exhibition.

  • Follow up with a phone call

Having a telemarketing campaign running after an event is a great way to re-engage with people.  Ask questions, talk about the e-mail that was sent a couple of days after the event (above). 

Lots of telemarketing companies do event follow up and normally this is where the results do show themselves.  People are back behind their desks.  They had fun at the event  Met the models (maybe got a phone number) had a drink, played the computer game – and want to talk business.

If you do no marketing after an event, you are missing out on so much.  It is a crime not to follow up, as you are just leaving the potential customers to chance.  

Hoping that they will come back to you.  Be pro-active, go to them, try to organise a follow up appointment for your sales people.  

Invite them to a golf day (which is a good way to get customers in on a social event) or to your office/factory. No matter what business you have, you can project whatever image you want through an event. Be dynamic, fun, interesting and clients will want to do business with you.

Closing Thoughts For Success After An Event

We want to help you make your exhibition successful.  

Marketing companies are used to handling event follow up (which is a very important part of the event campaign) and are experienced in getting results.  If you have another event coming up, remember, you can get quotes from exhibition stand designers.  

Like any price comparison website, we want to help you get the best agency for the lowest price. If you need some free advice or guidance in getting success after an exhibition, use the quick enquiry form opposite. 

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