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Electronics ExhibitionsElectronics Events In 2011

There are a number of electronics exhibitions around the UK for you to choose from.  

Events at the NEC, O2 and Excel allow you to market your electronics business.

The electronics industry has struggled as global sourcing has set in.  

More UK companies are turning to the Far East for manufacturing leaving the once strong UK industry scratching their heads.

As the Chinese and Indian electronics industries have boomed, the UK industry has diminished.  

Leading a lot of businesses in the sector to either re-locate or close.

The number of industry events around the UK as a result has also shrunk leaving just a few on for the remainder of 2011:

  • MM Live (September in Birmingham)
  • European Microwave Conference (October in Petersfield)
  • The UK Plastics Electronics Show 2011 (November in Birmingham)
  • ERA Technology (November in London)

There are a few shows overseas, however these are the main ones in the UK for 2011.

Why Consider Exhibiting?

Even though we live in the digital age, exhibitions do still play a big roll in the mixup we call marketing.

Exhibitions are a good place for PR and media attention, even doing PR stunts when the cameras are rolling (so to speak).

Are You Attending An Electronics Exhibition

Many events are small (in comparison to other industry events).  

More exhibitors are scaling down their stands from larger custom built stands down to modular stands. 

The main reason is cost, it is much cheaper to have a smaller stand that paying for stand space for a large stand and only have a few visitors.

Find A Stand Designer In Your Industry

With over 300 exhibition stand designers in the UK to choose from, where do you start?  We always advise using an agency that knows your industry.  

If the designer has worked in the electronics sector, they know about marketing for electronics companies.  They will know your market, your customers, your competitors.  

Electronics exhibitions are a great opportunity for you to be seen.  You need to have the best stand possible.

Compare Multiple Prices For Electronics Exhibitions

In this world of price comparison websites, shopping around for quotes is essential.  

For any electronics exhibitions events you are attending, you need to be prepared.  We want to help you get the best stand for the best price.

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