Outdoor Display Stands

Outdoor Display StandsWhat Are Outdoor Display Stands

Outdoor display stands are used by companies to promote services or products to visitors outside as opposed to inside an event hall or exhibition venue.  

They are very popular with big businesses.  Car manufacturers, drinks companies, food companies etc.

When Are They Used

You have probably seen outdoor display stands in the street on Saturday for fundraising events, promotional launches and the like.  

Popular in shopping centres like Meadowhall or Bluewater.  

Outdoor display stands are also used for events or shows that cannot be held inside, for practical reasons.  

Such as agricultural shows, aerospace shows, gardening shows.  They are used to showcase products or services normally to the public.

What Sort Of Outdoor Stands Are There

There are a variety available depending on budget and also what you are looking to market.

  • Pop Up Stands – quick and simple to put up (very low cost)
  • Banner Stands – can be modified for different events
  • Custom Built Stands – designed specifically for the event.
  • Trailer Stands – a little like a caravan typically with an open side

They are very popular and are common in the high street (see point of sale) for retail product launches, fashion shows, drinks booths. 

They can be used at exhibitions and stand designers can provide quotes and design ideas for getting a stand set up. 

They are generally designed around the application, so it is advised to talk to a designer about what sort of event/application the stand would have – to get the best advice on what sort would be suited.

Compare Quotes

It is always good to get a few prices to compare.  

Once you know exactly what you want and have a ‘spec’ as you can shop around and get the best deal. 

All exhibition stand designers charge different prices, so it is well worth shopping around to get the best stand for the best price.

If you need any advice or help in getting one in place use the quick form opposite for some free advice.

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