IT Exhibitions In 2011

IT Exhibitions In 2011IT Events And Exhibitions In 2011

The UK has a number of IT and computer related events occurring throughout the year.  

IT exhibitions are located at many events centres around the UK.  

The IT sector as a whole in the UK is growing, with expectation of it continuing to grow for many years to come.  

IT exhibitions in turn are expected to increase in numbers. The main locations would be:

  • The NEC (Birmingham
  • Earls Court (London)
  • Olympia (London)

There are a number of sites that are also used for smaller events (hotels and conference centres) but these are the main ones for IT exhibitions.

Due to the decline in the industry, many IT exhibitions have been cancelled, however there are a few that are occurring through 2011-12:

  • Sensors & Systems In September 2011 in Farnborough
  • 360IT In September 2011 in Earls Court
  • IT Showcase In September 2011 In London
  • RFID Europe In September In Cambridge
  • TSAM In March 2012 in Leicester

Design Companies

There are hundreds of exhibition stand designers around the UK.  

If you are considering attending any of the above events then it would be best to talk to a designer that has worked within the sector previously.  If they have IT marketing experience, this will benefit you greatly.

You can find out if they have experience by looking through their portfolio. 

What kind of IT clients have they worked for previously; what sort of stand was designed and how was the service?

Another option would be to talk to some of the current clients that they have produced designs for.  

They should be able to give up to date feedback as to how the product was, if it was fairly priced and what the service was like.

All designers are different and stands do vary in price, so it is worth doing some basic checks before signing up with a designer.

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