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The UK has hundreds of exhibition stand designers that offer pop up stands.  

We help businesses by helping you to get 5 quotes from local exhibition stand designers that can supply you with pop up stands.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from 5 exhibition stand designers that can supply you with pop up stands for your events.

What Are Pop Up Stands?

Pop up stands are a very versatile form that can be used in a wide variety of locations.  

From exhibition halls like the NEC to a church meeting. They can range in size from the size of a fridge freezer to the size of a car.

However they can collapsed down within seconds to fit into a tidy carry case to then fit in the car and transported away.

Ideal for events, seminars, conferences and exhibitions they really are versatile and can create a big marketing noise.

One of the great things about them is that they are very light and portable.

You do not need an events team to spend time clearing an area, unloading a lorry, assembling and screwing links for hours. 

They are mainly magnetic and can be assembled within minutes by an unskilled person (with a little common sense). 

They normally have a rigid skeleton that is light yet strong and durable – so they last.

Additional extras can be added to enhance your stand area that are also quick to set up:

  • Tables
  • Shelving (accessory)
  • Lighting (accessory)
  • Towers

They can vary in price from around £400 up to around £1,500 depending on what it is that you are after, how big you want the stand and additional accessories.

Curved stands can add the illusion of the stand being more complex and sophisticated than it actually is – meaning more effect for your money.

They are one of the most popular types of stand due to the fact that they are so light and portable to any event or exhibition.

Who Supplies Pop Up Stands?

Pop up stands can be supplied by any of the 100’s of exhibition stand designers around the UK. 

There are some companies overseas that can also supply pop up stands however it is advised to go with a UK supplier. We advise you working with a local designer if possible

How Much Do Pop Up Stands Cost?

Prices would depend on the size of stand that you want and also if you need the company to produce the artwork for the stand (or whether you can supply this yourself).  

Choosing the right stand designer is important.

All marketing companies set their own rates, so we do advise you getting quotes to compare.

Closing Thoughts

There are lots of sources for getting a pop up stand, getting the right company would be based on you getting a quality product at a low price.

If you want to get some ideas and quotes for a pop up stand, then using the brief enquiry form opposite you can get some ideas to review.

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