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Exhibitions are an expensive exercise so you want to make the most of them.  For a successful exhibition, exhibition planning is required in order to get the best results.  

The best results possible from the event and ensuring your ROI is as high as possible.  For this reason exhibition planning is essential.

Pre Event Advice

Exhibition planning actually starts 3-4 months before the event starts.  What this means is that you need to start marketing the event months before it actually happens.  Why?  So your customers and potential customers know you will be there and visit you.  

Thinking about the location of your stand is wise, this will dictate the kind of stand you need.  Whichever events centre you use, the NEC, Excel or O2 arena.

What Marketing Should Be Done

The most important thing in exhibition planing to do is to let your target audience know that you are going to be there.  This will maximise your chances of business and the value of the event.  Does it not seem silly to spend so much money on an event and just ‘hope’ that people visit you and place orders?

  • E-marketing

E-mail is a fantastic and free way to get a message out to many thousands of contacts.  Why not send a unique invitation to your audience letting them know about the event and invite them to visit your stand.  E-marketing is a very low cost form of marketing.

  • Direct Mail

In the internet age it does seem a little archaic to send stuff in the post.  However direct mailing does make an impact (good or bad).  What about sending an invitation to people in the post.  Perhaps a gold embossed envelope (to make it look more special).  Something to prevent it getting thrown in the bin (as so much DM is).  Talking to a few direct mail companies you can get an idea of how to conduct a targeted mailing.  Thus getting something in front of your prospects well before the event.

  • Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a great way to get hold of people very quickly.  This can be used in conjunction with the mailing, to really get your message across.  If the contact cannot recall the e-mail/DM – then another can be sent.  Perhaps calling 2-3 times over 3-4 months will get the contact in the mindset of the event.

  • Exhibition Stand

Before the event ensure that you have compared different exhibition stand designers in order to have your stand ready for when the event starts.

How To Get A Great Buzz For The Event

Exhibition planning is not just before the event.  How about holding a competition? 

This can be linked in to your pre-event marketing.  Something like ‘win a car’ or ‘win a Sony Playstation’ just something to get people interested. Exhibition planning is so important. If it is not well planned, then you are leaving a lot to chance.

Although faith is a good thing, there is no harm in giving things a little push in your direction. Remembering that your competitors will probably be marketing like crazy.  

Why not join the race to even out the chances a little or put yourself in the lead.  How about making your stand the busiest stand at the event whereby people are queuing up to get on and talk.

How About Hiring A Model

Another part of exhibition planning is staff.  There are lots of modeling companies that can provide male and female models for events. 

They are not too expensive (if you shop around the local companies) and can really create an impact for your event.  Whether they are dressed casually.  Dressed in your corporate uniform, or in something a little more eye-catching (but tasteful) they will create a buzz.

How about getting the models walking around the event from time to time?  Serving drinks to visitors, or just being around the stand it could well be money well spent.

Final Thoughts

Events need to be planned and well organised, marketing companies or all sorts will be working for your competitors so you need to ensure you are also prepared and as ready as possible.  

Price comparison websites are popular, for exhibition planning, we want your event to be a success. If you need some free advice on getting ready for an event, just use the quick quote form opposite.

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