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Telemarketing for solicitors and legal companies has been used for many years now.  

The reason it is so popular is because it is se effective.  

The problem however is finding the right agency to handle the campaign.  

As there are so many agencies in the UK to choose from, finding an experienced one is time consuming.  

That is where we at Marketing Quotes come in, to help you get quotes on telemarketing for solicitors.

The UK law society offers a comprehensive resource of solicitors in the UK.

Just fill in the form to speak with agencies that have experience in doing telemarketing for solicitors.

Lead Generation

Many solicitors do use telemarketing in order to handle both inbound and outbound calling for them.  

This is becoming more and more popular as the industry becomes more and more competive. The legal sector is wide and diverse, and companies would use this for different reasons and applications. 

Calling within the sector is part of the overall marketing for solicitors and can be used both for incoming and outbound call handling.

Inbound Calling

Many of your competitors use lead generation calling in order to handle calls for themselves.  

This could be for quite ‘run of the mill’ calls or for more technical issues that need a qualified legal advisor to help.

Depending on the application, you may well need to have a team (which you could employ direct or outsource to an agency.  In order to handle clients/visitors that cannot find an answer on your website.

For legal companies that receive high call numbers (such as legal support services) having a resource available to handle calls is quite important.  

As some people just want to talk and have a problem/issue/query resolved by a person and not finding the answer on your website.

Outbound Calling

For certain areas of the industry, the need for an outbound telemarketing resource is required, for lead generation, sales prospecting, booking of meetings etc.

This is a great way in order to achieve all of these and you can very quickly generate new sales leads by using this form of marketing.

Choosing Someone With Experience

There are hundreds of telemarketing agencies around the UK, all offering fantastic services and promising results; however it is wise to select an agency that has industry experience. 

If the agency has done telemarketing for legal companies in the past, they are equipped to handle the calling campaign.

All agencies work in a variety of sectors, some do specialise in certain industries and some carry a broad experience from dealing with clients in many sectors. 

Choosing a someone that has legal marketing experience is very wise, as calling in this industry is different to any other market.

Compare Telemarketing Prices

All agencies set their own prices, and prices tend to vary along the following models:

  • Cost per call/contact
  • Cost per day
  • Cost per month
  • Cost per appointment (there are around 5 companies in the UK that offer this model)
  • Commission only (there are 2 UK companies that offer commission only calling)

Depending on which charging model fits with the legal business would relate to the company that is chosen, but ensuring they have experience is essential.

Telemarketing prices do vary, there are no standard rates as regards the rates that agencies set.  

This is normally done based on their overheads, staff numbers, size of offices, their profit margins, etc. Also their experience and how long they have been going for.  The longer an agency has been running the more they will charge, on the grounds that they are better established.

Get Quotes To Compare

Why is telemarketing expensive you might ask?  We do encourage comparing a few quotes from local calling companies, get a few proposals in and compare their track records of success.  Price comparison websites exist for many things these days, comparing telemarketing is really no different.  

Since all agencies set their own fees, shopping around is necessary.  Telemarketing for solicitors does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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