Are You Attending Any Engineering Exhibitions 2011

Planning Events And Exhibitions In 2011?

There were a number of engineering exhibitions 2011 that were cancelled. Sub Con was one of the main exhibitions that was cancelled due to lack of exhibitors. Although a number of engineering events have been cancelled in 2011, there are still a number of exhibitions that were taking place over 2011-12:

  • TSAM 2011 (August in London
  • OPE Oil And Gas Conference (August in Aberdeen)
  • Interplas 2011 (September in Birmingham)
  • TCT Live 2011 (September in Birmingham)
  • Principals And Practices Of Flow Measurement (October in Glasgow)
  • Surface World and Correx 2011 (November in Birmingham)
  • The Composite Engineering Show (November in Birmingham)
Engineering exhibitions in 2011
Overall there has been a downturn on engineering shows throughout the UK which is largely due to the downturn the engineering sector is facing.

Exhibitions in 2018 onwards

The engineering sector has picked up in recent years.  The engineering sector is busy once again and engineering exhibitions 2011 are in full swing.

Choosing An Exhibition Stand Designer

If you are due to attend an engineering event this year then it may be good to talk to a designer that does have experience in the sector, one that has engineering marketing knowledge. It is wise to have a look at the designers client list.  This should give you a feel for the type of engineering companies they have worked for in the past. Another wise thing to do is to visit them.  You can meet the team, chat about what kind of stand you want.  You can have a look at some of the stands they have onsite to give you some ideas. Due to keeping costs down, many manufacturing companies are going for smaller more affordable stands such as modular stands or pop up stands rather than the larger ones.

Compare Multiple Quotes

All exhibition stand designers are independent businesses.  They have staff, offices and profit margins.  It is advised to shop around and compare quotes.  All designers have different profit margins, so it is wise to shop around and compare quotes.  Hopefully Engineering exhibitions 2011 will not repeat.

Despite many exhibitions cancelled in 2011, there are many more today.  Exhibition stand design prices do vary significantly. Like any price comparison website, we want to ensure you get the best designer for the lowest price. If you would like to get some advice or compare quotes for events then just complete the form opposite.

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